When I first started my blog, and even before then, I got so many questions from people asking why I chose “health and fitness”, why it sparked my interest so much, and what made me create this site to begin with.

Here is my answer:

I have always been active. Most of my life I have been involved in sports (whether it was recreational or for my school)  and I can’t remember a year, besides this one where I didn’t play SOMETHING. Both of my parents were pretty athletic. My dad played football as well as basketball, and my mom played volleyball. So I guess joining sports teams once I was able to in middle school just came naturally. I like being able to DO things. Being active is almost like a must for me. I feel like it keeps me going. It’s unexplainable. I knew that my passion for “fitness” was growing when I was about a sophmore in high school. I went through a stage where I went to the gym EVERYDAY, haha! I lifted, ran, and tried to tone. I followed fitness gurus on social media and saw how they went about their lives. I instantly knew what my passion was. I have dreams of being a personal trainer and even owning my own gym(s) in California one day. Hopefully I attain that goal..!

But.. that’s my whole spiel on WHY I enjoy the lifestyle.

Published by Bree Browder