My Brothers and Sisters,


Be not fooled by the reasoning and false wisdom of the world. When someone tells you that violence and death has nothing to do with religion or faith, know that they are excluding these things either out of blind ignorance or blind purpose.


Our latest shooting took place in a church. Many will say that it is a convenient gathering place to attack many people and that the shooter waited for the opportunity to have all of those his hatred and anger was directed toward in a convenient place to kill them. They may say that he was not religious and that a church meant nothing to him and there they are right and have proven that religion and faith had everything to do with it. The church represented that which he had rejected. The anguish within him was so great that he shot at the walls of the church before entering. He was on a path of annihilation of the world which had betrayed him, a world made by God.


He did not go there just to kill those he knew and believed had wronged him. He sought to destroy all those around them; for all which he lacked, he hated them for having. They had to die for their bowing down to God and accepting His Will and his refusal to bow down and accept God's Will. They had to die because, in his eyes they were hypocrites and serving a God who had done nothing for him, but, fail him. Therefore, he was a false god not to be feared.


Oh, I'm sure that the professionals will say that he was mentally ill, but, that is the problem. Mental illness cannot be defined properly if it does not include the spiritual aspects of mental illness. However, nobody wants to go there. Nobody is bold enough to touch that if they want to be taken seriously, keep there license, or their job.


Are we to believe that those who are mentally ill are totally incapable of reasoning, so, we must contribute all of their behavior to mental dysfunction? Yet, they can devise a plan to kill and equip themselves with the necessary tools to carry it out, then, try to escape? What was controlling them in their reasoning? They had not lost all reasoning or rationale. We must go to the source of one's life, the spirit, to understand what feeds the behavior. Every mentally ill person doesn't want to go out and harm or kill people. Shame on us for trying to blame and isolate an already neglected and abused part of the population.


If we include the spiritual aspects of mental illness, then, we will have to round up most of society and place entire populations in the category of mentally ill because they are spiritually diseased and void of God. If we are functioning without God and His Spirit, we are not mentally healthy. If we are functioning without God, then whose mind are we following? Whether it be self or Satan, we are lacking sound judgement and wisdom, destined to serve evil and inflict harm mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The only difference is that most people void of God, have chosen different weapons to inflict harm upon others. It could be their tongue, their prejudice and discrimination, their jealousy, or exclusion and disenfranchisement of others. Their mere dysfunctional and ill-meaning thoughts could be an aid to darkness. Perhaps, some people have just not been pushed to their limit, or, Satan finds them to be more useful in other areas to kill, steal, and destroy. They may have a seat in Congress or the White House to affect millions of people at one time and cause them suffering, denying others of life, liberty, and happiness.


Oh, yes, when someone goes out to kill and destroy, it has everything to do with religion and faith. They have rejected God and serve darkness. However, people will continue to ask, WHY? What was the motive? What went wrong? How can we prevent this from happening again? They compare crime in certain areas and crime in America to crime elsewhere in the world. Congratulations U.S.A. you want to be first in everything and "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN," well you've WON! We know how to kill off our own people and turn our heads. Oh, sure, we mourn and shake our heads in disgust, but, we must be able to stomach it, because we do the same thing time and time again. Is this what makes America great?


WHY...Why...why...The same old questions prove the arrogance and blindness of man who still refuses to acknowledge God, who has all of the answers. Therefore, God removes His hand and God allows........



Father, may hearts be changed by Your Holy Spirit and eyes opened to see Truth. This we ask in Jesus' most Holy name. Amen.


your servant and soldier, united with the One,



Published by Mishael T