I have always wondered how Moses must have felt standing at the Red Sea. He knew there was no natural way of escape for them. Humans cant walk on water and the Egyptian army was right behind them. And what about Peter, what made him decide to come to Jesus on the water that day when the disciples was sailing and Jesus came walking towards them on the water. Peter had lived and worked the sea his whole life, he knew that an object heavier then water would sink. Even so, something within him compelled him to swing his leg over the side of the boat and begin walking. When Moses and Peter acted in faith the impossible happened, the Red Sea opened up and Peter did not sink and drown. What about us, you and me dear reader? Each day every christian and non-christian faces their own red seas and have to make a choice to walk on water. Do we have enough faith to do it?


I know there are those who preach and proclaim the christian life as a successful life. They say that if you are a christian, you are guaranteed success, favour with men and with God. We never hear these preachers talking about their problem, life challenges or trials. It seems like they are exempt from the trials and tribulations of this life. And then we turn and look at ourself and we see nothing but trials and tribulations. We see unpaid bills and no money to pay them, unsaved loved ones, disease and quite often deadly disease and sickness. We see people we love being trapped in addictions, and sometimes we see ourself being trapped in addictions. And all the time we know we are christians, because we believed one day that Jesus died for our sins. But there is such a huge gap between our life as a christian, and the life of those preachers who proclaim a totally different existence. So its no wonder we end up thinking to ourself we must have failed somewhere as christians, because according to them, we are supposed to never have a problem. 


And yes I know, this is also the image we show of the world around us. Christians who has lost touch with reality and are only focused on the heaven to come, unable to deal with very pressing life issues right here and now. Is it any wonder the world despises us?


Could all of this be rooted in a lie? 


Being a christian is not a ticket to a bed of roses. We are not exempt from the challenges of life. We still get sick, we still make stupid sinful mistakes that gives us consequences that affects our life for a long time. Being a christian is not the same as being superman. A christian is a human being with all its faults, mistakes, and hang ups. 


We need to come to terms with reality as christians, we need to be honest about our own lifes and not afraid to admit that sometimes life sucks. If we dont do this we are living a lie as christians, and we are robbing our fellow brothers and sisters from an opportunity to be helped with their lifes issues. You dont feel safe to admit you are unable to handle life if everybody around you seems to be super christians who are exempt from lifes challenges. But if everybody around you admit to being unable to handle life you automaticly feel safer to admit so for yourself. And then we open up an important door for grace and healing. 


My own life is not perfect, and I am not saying this to gain sympathy. I am saying this to show you that what I am talking about is real. I drive a 16 year old car with windows we cant open, and now its the summertime and very hot. Every time I turn the wheel it makes a loud shrieking sound that makes everybody turn their heads to see what is going on. It has not been serviced for the last 5 years before we bought it, and we dont have the money to have it serviced. We have moved out of the house, and it is probaly in foreclosure right now. We have been blessed with a new apartment, but it is somewhat smaller then the house so we are really struggling to find space for everything we owe. And at the same time, we want to sell the house by our own free will, it would be faster and easier then foreclosure. But two real estate agents has turned us down without warning, refusing to sell. And it could be a possibility the house will not sell, even as a foreclosure. If that happens we are kind of stuck with our debt. In addition to this we still need to move about 5 boxes out of the old house, but we dont know where to put them. And for each day that ticks by it is a possibility somebody could breake into the house since it is now empty and nobody is keeping an eye on it. If that happens we are not insured, our insurance is now only for the apartment we are now living in. 


So my life is an example that being a christian do not exempt you from lifes problems and trials. And I know that if I am honest about my life, it helps other christians to open up and be honest about their life. And together we will have the courage to seek grace and help from the Lord. 


This is the important part we are now coming down to, for this is the difference between a christian and a non-christian. 


We have the same challenges, but a non-christian is alone when faced with those challenges. He or she has to handle all of the stress of life alone. He or she doesnt have a heavenly Father helping them and fighting for them. In fact, the bible says they are the children of the devil. And the devil has no problem lying to his children telling them "solutions" on how to handle life. The common denominator for those solutions is always sin, they make you sink deeper into sin. The devil is like a drug dealer in way, he promises peace, solutions and a better life. But when you buy his drug it only makes your life worse, so then he comes with another "drug" and you do it again and again until you are so deep into sin you stand a real chance of ending up in hell. 


A child of God on the other hand has a heavenly Father who has committed Himself to helping His children. He has committed Himself to provide for them, heal them,fight for them and ensure their safety. He has not promised us exemption from lifes trials and tribulations, but He has promised us that if we trust Him in those trials and tribulations He will show up and show of. He has promised us to do something so great in our lifes that everybody around us would say "wow, you are truly loved by God!". God is the kind of Dad that loves to show His children how much they are loved by Him by doing great and mighty acts of love for them, things like parting the Red Sea and making it possible to walk on water without sinking. 


The only thing our Dad asks of us is faith in the thing that makes us His children. He asks us to always remember our identity as His children and never forget it. Because He can only work for us, fight for us and do things for us if we keep on remembering we are His children. How do we remember this? 


What makes you a child of your father here on earth? Its your DNA, if somebody analyzed your DNA they could match it to your father and they would see you have the same blood. You share your fathers blood and that makes you his child. 


When Jesus died His blood was shed for you, His blood payed for your sins. 


God has made it wery easy for us to be saved and to live this life. We dont have to do any complicated religious things or go through a sermony. We just have to believe,believe in Jesus dying for your sins. If you do this, God will accept that sacrifice as if it was you who died on that cross. You will become one with Jesus, you will not become Him, but you will become one with Him and His blood will become your blood. 


Because of your simple childlike faith in Jesus dying for you, His blood will become your blood and you will have the same spiritual DNA. That is what makes you a child of God, your faith in what Jesus did for you.


So the only thing God demands of us is to always believe in the blood of Jesus which is our identity as His children. If we do, He will do everything for us. He will show up, He will show of and He will do it in a mighty way. He will do it because He has promised His children to be there when they need Him. 


But remember this, He didnt remove the Egyptian army. He allowed them to come closer and closer, and then He opened the Red Sea. He even allowed them to pursue the Israelites across the Red Sea, but He didnt allow them to cath them. He held them back all the way across the Red Sea and when they where safe on the other shore He collapsed the sea on top of the Egyptian army and they all drowned. Peter had to swing his leg over the side. Jesus did not lift him out of the boat. Peter had to make the decision for himself and then he was able to walk on water. 


Moses and Peter both had to act in faith to see results. And they must have had their doubts. I would guess Moses sometimes thought it is impossible for the Red Sea to be parted, but if God said so I will obey.... And I guess Peter must have thought to himself " a human cant walk on water, but if Jesus says so I will obey...".


What is it God is telling you right now? Perhaps cancer has almost caught up with you at the shores of the Red Sea. Perhaps addiction or poverty is blowing up a real storm threatning to sink your boat. Perhaps its financial debt that is weighing you down. I His word God has told us that He promises to take care of His children. He promises to meet all your needs IF you will believe in the blood of Jesus.


What if you started saying to yourself "I know the doctor said this cancer will kill me, but Jesus said He would heal me, so I will obey and believe not in the cancer but in the blood of Jesus". Or perhaps "I know the bank is foreclosuring on my house, I know I dont have money for food, but Jesus said He would meet all my needs and take care of me, so I will obey and believe not in the lack of money but in the blood of Jesus". 


Moses and Peter understands what goes through your mind right now. They where told to believe the impossible, they did it despite their circumstances and it happened. They believed on account of what they knew. Moses had seen God, talked with Him several times. Moses knew God, so he had no reason to doubt Him. He knew God had changed a stick into a snake and back into a stick again. Moses had seen so many miracles. Peter had talked with Jesus face to face, seen Him raise the dead and heal the sick. Peter had no reason to doubt Jesus when Jesus told him to swing his leg over the side and walk towards him. 


You have no reason to doubt Jesus. I know you have not talked with Jesus face to face. You have not seen Him raise the dead or heal the sick. You didnt see a burning bush or walk out of Egypt in front of millions of Israelites who had been former slaves. You didnt see all the plagues sent upon Egypt. But you saw something better, you have seen the cross. 


You have seen Jesus Christ, the Son of God being sacrificed on a cross for your sins. The sinless lamb of God died for your sins so that you could live. You know you didnt deserve it, you deserved hell but He did it anyway because He loves you. So you have no reason to doubt Him when He says to you "  I will heal you and meet all your needs, if you will only believe in My blood shed for your sins". (Romans 8:32, 1.TIm 6:12)

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com