A couple months ago, I went to the Renaissance Fair. I remember having gone to the Renaissance Fair five years ago in Michigan around November, but let me tell you it is a whole different experience.  It is cold, and the air is crisp. The fall leaves are usually beginning to turn. If you're not wearing a jacket, you'll probably freeze. The experience is still nice, but it's too cold to focus on much else besides the temperature--or maybe I was just too young to remember it.

The fair in California is a whole other deal. It was hot and incredibly sunny. It made me want to put on sunscreen, had I not been covered in velvet fabric. Much more people dressed up at the California fair than the Michigan one.

A fair note of warning: when you go to the fair, make sure you bring cash. If we're being realistic, you'll want to bring about 100 dollars. If you bring credit, it's okay, and some of the stands accept credit cards, but none of the food stands will. The lines will be super long for the food and the ATM line, as well. You can at least save yourself the ATM hassle.

The stands at the fair are full of very cute trinkets: ranging from real swords, wooden weapons, hair decor, and renaissance-like dresses for cosplay purposes.

You're probably going to drop money here like it's on fire. My advice is to at least spend your money on things you'll actually use and enjoy.

All in all, a 10/10 recommendation for the experience. For the money? Don't go if you don't want to be tempted to buy everything you see.

Published by Monique Hakam