I'm feeling the Bern. That's no surprise to anyone who knows me. I've been an independent since the Clinton administration, but there is something in the air today, as we wait for the Iowa onslaught to begin.

Many will have you believe after Iowa tells us tomorrow who will be the next president, it's all downhill from here. But to my knowledge, tomorrow is just the kick off. And at kick off time tomorrow, I think Bernie will have brought his followers to a fever pitch in a perfect synchronicity with the first primary of what is sure to prove to be an amazing election season.

But what has me feeling so different this go round, is not that I care who wins. I've always cared. But this time I actually feel that something is actually changing with every day that passes and Bernie Sanders is still in the race.

Is it really changing though? I think so.

For starters, the vernacular had changed. We saw that on Thursday night when Trump pulled his powder act. It's not that the republicans weren’t as clown car-ish as ever, but the tone of the event was markedly less cantankerous. No name calling, no spitting, no hitting below the belt. Yeah they were wrong in their ideas, but they were polite in their spouting. And that is something we need terribly.

For too long we have sniped at each other based on our perceived political tilt in this country. If you don't believe me, put your REAL political thoughts up on Facebook and see how many "friends" prove just how fake a Facebook Friend is. We as a collective have gotten down right mean to each other and if we intend to ever work together to make America great again, we can't be tearing each other down based on our views with such vitriol. And that seemed to change when the Donald took his left turn at Albuquerque.

Another thing that has changed about the world we see at 7 AM on Sunday January 31, is for better or worse, we are seeing the world for what it is, the emperor has no clothes.

Do remember the days of Freedom Fries and Dime Store Patriotism? Could you imagine in the days of post 9/11 standing up and saying anything other than "America is the best damn place in the world and nobody else is better"?  The Dixie Chicks tried  it and you've never seen three little ladies who were more hated by dirty old white men.  What was really scary about all that, was it wasn't just the white men who came out with the spoon-fed, mainlined American patriotism that bore such wonders as Gitmo and the National Surveillance act. The scariest part is, it wasn't the Ruby Ridge crowd that stirred up all that pro-American hate. Young teen aged girls were spitting mouthfuls of red, white and blue anger at the Dixie Chicks and that is how they fell from grace. White Men never bought a CD or MP3 of pop culture, but the teenie crowd does and they brought the Dixie Chicks to their knees. That is the same fervor that brought the Nazis to power. Its not the Cadillac-driving, golf playing, arm-chair-sitting men who determine the zeitgeist, it's the women 16-30 that rock the world at its core and when they are goose stepping with the American lexicon, Houston, we have a problem.

But that seems to have ended, don't you think? For every girl who hisses at the Muslim world, their is another banging the drum for Bernie. For every Flag waving troglodyte who buys the concept that the US is the best country on the planet, there is another who thinks, that while we are a great Country in theory, in practice we have a lot to be improved upon, like health care, childhood obesity, the income gap and a crumbling infrastructure. To paint the rosy picture that America is great and no else is better is to tell oneself a lie and drink your own Kool Aid. I love what this Country was, but I haven't seen much to love about America since the day the towers fell and the world stopped spinning. It feels like the American lexicon is now on the same page with me and like any 12 stepper will tell you, the first step is recognizing the problem and we are doing that now I think.

But you know why I'm feeling the Bern most? It's not the tone or tenor of the country, or the fact that we have moderated our stance against Freedom Fries. I have changed, because I believe now.

I was all for the Hope and Change of 2004 and 2008. I think I may have even gotten a little choked up when Obama took the stage in Chi-Town to declare victory. But pretty quickly thereafter, you could feel the air being let out of the balloon. With every dollar that was misspent and every excuse that was used why things aren't working, I got a little more jaded that anything could work in this country. And now, like so many on both sides of the spectrum, I am as disgusted with my prospects as an American, given the current state of affairs in Washington, as the next guy. But today I wake up and I think there may be a chance. Albeit a small one.

With the Marches of Sanders supporters yesterday, the email scandal rearing its ugly little face again, the Donald taking a step back and Iowa ready to go off tomorrow, the timing and the tide all seem to mean tomorrow is going to be a BIG day for America, and it's gonna be BIG because of Bernie's Revolution.

We've been talking about Revolution for many, many years. Jefferson, the original American radical, said the tree of liberty had to get a good dose of exsanguination every once in awhile to maintain its luster, and we haven't had a good bloodletting of the American culture since the 60's. Maybe its time? But Bernie's revolution is not one of violence or bloodshed, I don't think. The people who are running this revolution are former hippies and potheads, ala Ben and Jerry and Tommy Chong. These are the ilk that brought us Chunky Monkey and Sesame Street from the 1970's. And that is a time when I think we had a good direction in this country, at least it felt like it when I was a kid.

Shows like the Electric Company and the Muppet Show, gave us a sophisticated education while giving us a new look at this new technology called TV. Sure the golden age of TV was in the 1950's but in my estimation, TV didn't mature as a tool to change the American lexicon  until Soul Train and Good Times mobilized a new Black renaissance and shows like Maude and All in the Family drew a big red line around Women in America. That was the start of this Revolt against the establishment. In the 1970's, we changed as a country into what we are today, but the revolution would not be televised until 2016 when Bernie took to the mainstage and called for the new American revolution and people believe him. We are finally getting mobilized in a way I have not seen in my lifetime. And that's a good thing.

Its pretty clear that this revolution will be televised, and tweeted and posted and youtubed. It is taking on a life of its own, and while Bernie is the catalyst for it, America is taking command of this vessel and steering it headlong into the Storm ahead. I don't want to lose anyone overboard, but sometimes you gotta cut the deadweight loose to weather the storm. And this Revolution is gonna have some bumpy conditions before the sun shines again.

Yes the Revolution will be televised. And you will hear it coming as it rolls over us all and in it's wake will be a NEW America, that is truly One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice, FOR ALL of Us. I believe it now, and am ready to play my role.  #Feelthebern



Published by Christopher Richard