Here is a short poem I wrote, so I hope you enjoy it. The picture above is of the beautiful Lake Tahoe and was captured in January 2016.
The Rhythm

One does not teach a flower how to grow,
or the fish how to swim.
One does not teach a bird how to fly,
or the sun how to set.
We were not taught to breathe the air we breathe,
or see the things we see.
Yet we live in a place with endless discoveries,
endless questions and endless possibilities.

In a world so spherical
and sometimes a little whimsical.
You begin to realise that it goes deeper
than the depths of the ocean,
soars high amongst the clouds,
and travels beyond the sky.
Because it is a place that draws you closer,
with its mysterious aurora.

So we are here simply because
we are meant to be.
As we learn the difference between
existence and living in existence.
To exist and to live.
To have a life, but never live to the fullest.
To be a bird with wings, but never have the chance to fly.

We serve a purpose.
We follow our path.
We accept and be accepted.
We love and feel loved.
We inspire and be inspired.
We suffer and cause suffering.
We fear and conquer fear.
We regret and be regretful.
We change and evoke change.
As we were born to create a life
of our own creation.

For some it may be,
an experience of inevitable emotion,
an adventure of boundless thrill,
or a journey of phenomenal flight.
As we are on the road of discovery,
both on our own and together as many.

But no matter who,
when, how or why,
in our lifetime
we as human beings
will discover who we are,
pursue our unbelievable dreams,
and have the privilege of living life.

But you can never teach someone
how to live their life.


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Published by Michelle Seeto