The spiritual seeker is told frequently that the path is about acceptance. But what actually is acceptance?

If we are in a difficult situation, does it mean we are supposed to accept it, shut up, and carry on?

No! That would be a misunderstanding.

If our feet have grown two sizes too big for our shoes, it would be silly to stay in too small shoes just because acceptance is more ‘spiritual’. We would get new shoes (if possible).

I was in a situation in which I felt exploited. And this  had become more and more unbearable over the last years. For a long time, I had tried to adjust a parameter here and there, talked to people, and improved some processes. Wasn't it all about acceptance? Was I not supposed to be the good person and make things work?

But it still sucked.

Eventually,  my inner pressure reached well above fever pitch. In a showdown with the other involved party, I declared that I will exit this situation and hand the stuff over to someone else.

Boy was that freeing!

The wise inner voice of guidance commented,
“This decision has been looong overdue.”


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