Moses had just anointed Aaron to be the High Priest for the children of Israel. With great ceremony, Aaron had received the blessing of God. When God called Moses to the mountain for more instructions he left Aaron and Hur in charge and did so before the elders:

Here are Aaron and Hur with you. Whoever has any matters of dispute can approach them.” [Ex 24]

Yet just 8 chapters later we find Aaron as one of two “men in charge” compromising and failing in his God anointed responsibility. Where was Hur?  Why did Aaron yield to the people to make the golden calf? Why did he lie to Moses when he returned from the mountain?

Could it have been that Aaron’s pride in his position overshadowed his responsibility and relationship to Hur, the people, his sons---but more importantly to God? Or was it the fear of men that caused him to yield? Or could it have been a combination of both?  It appears that Aaron had not only forgotten his mandate from Moses to consult with his co-leader and the elders, but more importantly had forgotten the purpose for his anointing to be the spiritual leader. A combination of fear of men and pride of others following him was greater than he following God.

 Learn from Aaron: The fear of man is a snare [Prov 29:25] AND  One sin ripples out to the whole community.   

Published by Gaye Austin