Hello Dolls! This is my first post on My Trending Stories and I am really excited about this new platform for writers! I am even more excited about sharing my love of vintage beauty with you. Vintage Beauty and glamour is the main theme that runs through my blog www.pinupsandcoffeecups.wordpress.com so expect to see a lot of content related to vintage beauty here on my profile! (Please check out my blog also where I post a whole host of content!) 

Vintage Beauty on the Rise!

Vintage beauty and fashion has been on the rise in recent years, with retro clothes shops popping up all over the place and brands such as Benefit, Soap and Glory and The Balm all having a very vintage vibe running through them. Even Pin-Up photography and burlesque is on the rise, with more women (And men) expressing themselves in this fashion. Why is it on the rise, you ask? Well, in my opinion, it is because it is something different to the every day norm and allows individuals to express themselves in a more creative way and it opens doors for those who do not necessarily fit societies beauty standards. There is something undeniably charming about 40's and 50's beauty- the dresses, make-up, hair, all done to perfection, all the time! It looks effortlessly glamorous and it is super easy to achieve! 

Why I love Vintage Beauty

For example, my attraction to vintage beauty was that I never really felt I could relate to the girls in the magazines and I had no interest in current fashions and styles. I am a petite, 5ft 1 female, with very pale skin, dark eyes and hair- nothing like the Victoria secret model Kardashian-esque women who are portrayed as the ideal figure of beauty in today's society. To me, Vintage Beauty gave me confidence and a way of expressing myself that fake tan and tiny denim shorts could not. It felt timeless, classic and special and most of all, it suited me! It gave me a new found confidence! And this is the same for many women and men who do not always fit what is generally thought of as "beautiful". I believe in the creation of ones self; I love eccentric beauty and all the quirks that make us different, because to me, that is what is beautiful. I like that when I throw on my red lipstick, I feel ready to face the day! Vintage Beauty is not a mask I hide behind but more an extension of myself! It allows me to express my creativity, femininity and love of old Hollywood starlets. I love to exaggerate my pale skin and dark eyes and wouldn't dream of wearing fake tan! It takes me no more than 10 minutes to do my makeup, and i can wear it from day to night- all I have to do is powder my nose and touch up my lipstick! It is quick, easy and effortlessly classic.

Vintage Beauty has no face. It is for all genders, any size, weight, ethnicity- it does not matter! It is something everyone can have in their daily lives and it makes life feel that little bit more glamorous. Most of all, it is fun! Whether it is a pair of high heels, or a fancy suit, or even my signature dash of YSL red lipstick; it adds that little something extra to make daily life a bit more colourful! It is feel good-fashion and I am completely obsessed! 

Published by Elizabeth Reilly