Do you remember the time where contacting our school friends was really hard? That at least we need to go to the payphone to call them? As being a part of that generation, don’t you all feel that it gets easier, easier, and easier to contact our families and friends? From just texting and sending pictures to one or two people until now you can share it to all of your friends as long as you are friends or following each other on the social media. In that way, doesn’t it helps people to start a business or be an entrepreneur? Yet, does the social media guarantee our account’s ‘privacy’? Have you ever heard ‘what’s in the social media, or internet in general, will always be there even we try to cover or delete it’ saying? The number of crimes related to social media itself is increasing days by days, from kidnappers until fraud.

It is not something that could be debated as social media helps people to contact to one another. The growing or updates of social media, they believe, help them to reconnect with people from other cities or even countries. Somehow, it revealed that social medias are connecting the dots of people’s connections with others that might have long gone. In addition, those updates support people who are not affordable to visit their families or friends on the other side. In cases like parents missing their son who is studying in another country, instead of visiting him, which may cost a lot of money, they can see and talk to him through social medias that provide video call. That way, they can still see each other without spending lots of money and realize the fact that almost all social medias are free; no charge for signing up.

    Apart from helping people reconnect with the one they have a connection with, social medias improvement also connects people who have the same ideas but never see each other before. We often see this case between entrepreneurs, activist, or bloggers. For example, there are lots of activist around the world and probably most of them have the same ideas. In order to find people who might support their campaign, they begin by making a website. Inside the website, they share everything about what or who they are. They continued by making other social medias like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to promote their campaign. They probably share through their personal accounts too. Since then, they might have found people who have the same ideas and following them. If it is succeeded, they might start a community all over the world. Social media supports idealistic and creative minds. They do not just provide facilities for those who love to write, but also people who love speaking through pictures or speaking in public. The term blogger is very common and now that term as its offspring called vlogger. Vlogger is the term used for people who shared something they love through videos.

       However, the rise of social medias is not something that entirely brings good to people’s life. It is something that very small or unseen probably, but do you realize that we are now more focus on our virtual or internet life instead of our real life that we live in, the real situation? Social media is not something that people could ignore for just one second. It is a general fact that people use their technologies and the number one thing they do is checking their social medias. Social events mean nothing if it does not support our accounts inside the social media. Cases like that are proven as we attend someone’s birthday party. Instead of mingling, talking to people who attend the party, all we do is taking pictures with other people, record when the person blows the candle, and post it up. Most people may not realize this situation but the only reason they do it is for the social media, to somehow share to other people who might not even care what we are doing or just doing it for show off.

     Another disadvantage that the rising of social media giving is the increasing number of crimes. Back when Facebook was introduced the very first time to the community, the number of hackers is increasing. Sooner, kidnapping became one of the most popular crimes through social media. Alongside with it, pedophile or social predators are doing social harassment to kids virtually. They asked them to do something that is highly inappropriate. Now with the availability of facilities for people to start a business online, there are people who are misusing it by doing fraud towards other people. They uploaded pictures of good stuff and willing to buy their stuff. Even the seller might not be lying or have attention to do fraud, however, it is possible there might be a scam behind it. It is not something that impossible as there are lots of cases around the world related to fraud and scam. Also, there might be slightly a chance for them to hypnotize us to transfer a huge number of money to their account. Popular cases around at the moment related to the grand opening of Mandiri’s e-cash system. Social medias could not guarantee our safety even if they improve them.

    To conclude, improvements and updates are always a great thing especially among technologies and social medias. It helps us through difficulties, connect us, and provide us with facilities to share our hobbies and interest. Despite it, those updates are not entirely a great thing, they might still have flaws. It can replace the existence of our real social life with a virtual one. As the matter of fact, humans are creatures that need love and interactions with others and social media does not exactly giving love, it is more likely to spread jealousy.

Published by Ariba Pramesti