We all have a place we grew up. Mine happens to be on the border in El Paso, TX. They say El Paso is a love hate relationship one that when you're away you miss and when you're there you hate.

As I'm finally getting used to adulthood and finding it quite comfortable with all the responsibilities, I have a new perspective on my visits back home to El Paso where the roots run deep.

El Paso as a location in itself is not my heart of homes anymore. It is in the people that live there where my heart resides and they reside in mine. I've realized that visiting the actual place isn't what truly matters. It is of course la familia.

I want to make this post short and sweet like my visit back home. The only purpose for me to go back to El Paso was to spend time with the people I love and to be there with them through whatever life challenges or just life has in store for them.

I had to of course stock up on Mexican food and restaurants I love. If you ever get a chance to head to El Paso my go to favorites are Jaime's Hut: The hot dog burger with fries, L & J's Cafe Mexican food, Tippi Teas for a healthy treat, and Sushi by Utep.

I learned mucho while visiting family and friends. That not everyone is perfect and everyone's lives are challenging and blessed all at the same time. By being there for others I felt so blessed and that if we just go with the flow, even if it's headed towards disaster, and not strain against it life would be a little less stressful.

El Paso it's been a great trip. You are after all a personification of everyone's consciousness. Life in El Paso teaches peace, patience, understanding, and gratitude for loved ones while life challenges are going on all around.

-Stay Steady and Shine On

Published by Sarah McCourt