The “Rollende Kuekens” or Rolling Kitchens Festival is a massive gathering of food trucks from all over Holland – they descend upon Amsterdam for the weekend to serve of an incredible array of food from local & traditional to wildly exotic made out of over-the-top, creatively designed food trucks. The beer flows like wine, the air is thick with smoke from the grills and a blend of rock and folk lead you further into the park.

Be careful not to fill up too fast! We had no idea how large this festival would be. That being said – graze, eat often and don’t assume you’ll come back for the macaroons – just get it when you see it, you may never find it again in the maze of food and drinks.

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities – we lived there one winter and loved it (even learned to ride our bikes in the snow!), it reminds me of my hometown Seattle…but maybe it’s just the weather since we often visit in the autumn. This was a first trip North in the Spring – blue skies, puffy white clouds and schmorgusborg for lunch at a packed festival with one of our best buddies – it was the perfect weekend getaway!

Not to be missed - make sure to mark your calendar for MAY 2017!

Festival Details:
Rollende Keukens

Published by Ashley Bartner