I was provided an ARC of The Rosegiver by Sandy Benitez in exchange for an honest review. 


It is the late 1800s, in rural England, seventeen-year-old Rachel Harper has been summoned by her aunt to assist with housekeeping duties at the family inn. She is also required to perform duties as a rosegiver, a messenger for the weak, the broken-hearted, and the dying. On her journey to Rosethorne Inn, she befriends a writer named John, who informs her about a rash of missing girls in Thistle Grove and nearby towns. He also discusses the topic of vampyres which intrigues Rachel.

Upon arriving at Thistle Grove, they are greeted by a young man, named Ronan, who is employed by Rachel’s aunt. Eventually, he divulges his primary profession, a graveminder, something that is both ancient and dangerous. Shortly after, strange occurrences take place and Rachel is haunted by frightening dreams. Will she discover the secret behind the missing girls and the strange dreams? And will she sacrifice years from her life if it means saving the life of someone she loves?


I was provided an ARC of The Rosegiver by Sandy Benitez in exchange for an honest review. 
The Rosegiver contains several original concepts, such as rosegivers and graveminders, all of which I enjoyed and really made the story. Setting the story and characters in 19th Century England was the perfect time period and location for Rachel and her adventures.
Even with the original content and mystery in The Rosegiver, I was not completely pulled into the story. I think The Rosegiver is cute and I liked the story, but I feel like this may be more appropriate for younger YA readers, such as middle school readers.



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