Until I travel again (soon), my Travel posts will be about all the little gems that can be found in South Africa (mostly Cape Town, and a little bit of Durban).

The Route 44 Market was a cute little stop on a day trip to Stellenbosch (in the Western Cape, about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town City). It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but the food options were ridiculous. It took us ages to decide what we wanted and all of a sudden we pretty much felt like every cuisine at once and picking one thing to focus on became impossible. There's Italian, German, South African, Chinese, Japanese and more; meat, smoothies, fresh juices, noodles, pizzas, bagels. So. Much. Choice. We went with a German breakfast fry up which was incredible value for money. There's these beautiful wooden seating areas with a special tree house table right at the top overlooking the mountains and wine farms. You're not technically supposed to venture up there (reservations only), but we got there while it was still calm and there was no one there, so we took the chance.

We had the most spectacular view and weather, and that alone was worth the drive to experience. 

Not as much variety with the clothing and craft stands, but maybe things that would appeal to some of you! 

Check out the website to find out more: www.root44.co.za

Published by Gabrielle Akal