Hey Earthlings.. This is my first article for My Trending Topics... so be gentle with the comments. 

So Comic Con was this past weekend and they were a couple big things that happened so am going to listed them one by one with my own opinion... so Let's do this  

  1. Vampire Diaries: It is endingI am sad it ending but Thank God, it is ending because it was getting kinda repetitive with the same storyline let's save Elena, and I Kinda lost interest when Elena and Damon hooked up, I am and will always be Team Stefan.
  2. Games Thrones:  First it is coming out later than we all would like but, I understand why it is not winter where the shoot,Secondly it is almost over only two more season left, and lastly those two season will be short.
  3. Teen Wolf: This is another Tv show that is ending, I am sad it is ending but they are loose strings in my opinion that need to be addressed: - Is Derek coming back & what did he learn from his mother when he had the conversation with her ?, Where is Isaac & Kate?, Who cut the nemeton down?, Is Scott's dad coming back?, Kira's storyline was that all we were going to get?, What happened between Deaton and Talia Hale?.
  4. The Originals: They is a time jump, I can't wait to see the family come back together and how each of them will interact with Hope and how Klaus will be dealing with being away for 5 years.
  5. In the Comic world : They will be a crossover between The Flash, Arrow, and I think Legends of Tomorrow, I can't wait for that.

So Lets move to the movies

  1. The big announcements is  we finally got to see The Justice League Trailer, and superman made an appearance at the panel, (If you haven't watched Batman Vs Superman don't read this part), so after they killed off Superman in the movie, I was pissed because that just ruined all the comics, how is it Justice League with Superman???, so am interested to see how they bring him back, plus Jason Momoa is Aquaman so that is a reason to watch even if you are not a comic nerd like.
  2. We also got to see the new trailer for Wonder Woman, and it was awesome, that is a movie I can't wait for it to come out.
  3. We got a new superhero in the marvel world Captain Marvel, yaaay to women in power, but the movie to that is coming out from Marvel World, is Doctor Strange, I personally can't wait for it because the CGI and Matte Painting is seriously insane and out of this world.
  4. And lastly they is a new King Arthur movie with Charlie Hunnam, it has been awhile since I have seen him on the screen away, I can't wait for this remake, because it looks promising,plus it is directed by Guy Ritchie.

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