I’m not against the second amendment.

If you want to have a gun for whatever reason and you’re licensed, go for it.

However, I do think that regulations are necessary. People asking for gun control don’t want your guns taken away. We want is some sort of system in place to prevent people who shouldn’t have them, from getting them.

A Philadelphia reporter went to buy a gun after the shooting in Orlando to see how it worked, and the whole process took only seven minutes. This means that literally anyonecan get their hands on whatever guns are available to them, without any sort of screening process. You should have to get a background check. Maybe you should have to spend a certain amount of time at a gun range before purchasing. I don’t know, but it really shouldn’t be that easy.

Sure, some people will say that guns aren’t ever necessary and everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, it’s written in our Constitution, so it’s not like that right could ever be revoked. So what the rest of us are asking for is a procedure that prevents the ability to sell a gun to anyone just because they want one.

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Published by Rae Coleman