'Against the wishes of the nobles, King Henry marries the penniless Margaret who plots against him with her lover. As tensions between York and Lancaster build, the Duke of York gathers supporters for his claim to the throne. York secretly leads a rebellion, his supporters proclaim him king, and Henry is forced to flee.'

I enjoyed this play.

Following the events in Henry VI Part 1, Henry VI, Part 2 is a history play written by William Shakespeare. It is set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England, and it is believed to have been written in 1591. Henry VI, Part 2 has the largest cast of all Shakespeare's plays and is seen by many critics as the best of the Henry VI trilogy.

King Henry the Sixth Part 2 deals with the death of the King's trusted adviser Humphrey the Duke of Gloucester, the rise of the Duke of York and the King's inability to stop the bickering between his nobles.

The major theme of the play is Henry's weakness as a leader and his inability to control the country or even his own court. Henry is presented as a good man throughout the play, but also a very a poor king.

Another major theme throughout the play is the contrast between Margaret and Henry. The contrast between them is shown most when Gloucester dies. Margaret makes a speech in which she points out how it is unfair to accuse Suffolk of the murder simply because Suffolk and Gloucester were enemies. Henry however, ignores her. This situation is repeated during the Cade rebellion, but this time they both ignore each another. This tendency for them to ignore one another is an example of their incompatibility, their failure to unite in thoughts.

Throughout the play language helps to establish the theme as well as the tone of each scene. Language also helps to convey the importance of religion throughout the play. Shakespeare also uses language to distinguish between different types of characters.

I have really enjoyed reading the King Henry the Sixth plays, so far King Henry the Sixth 2 has been my favourite. I am looking forward to reading part three very soon.

King Henry The Sixth Part 2 by William Shakespeare is the perfect addition to the Henry The Sixth trilogy.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker