'It's their very first adventure, and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of some really weird clues. It's snowing and the Seven are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house - and a mystery.'

I adored this book.

This is the first book in the Secret Seven Series.

The Secret Seven consists of Peter and his sister Janet, and their friends Jack, Colin, George, Pam and Barbara. Peter and Janet’s spaniel Scamper is an unofficial member of the Secret Seven. Their meeting place is the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet’s garden and there is no entry unless the children are wearing their club badges and remember the password.

I have really enjoyed reading this book as an adult. The Secret Seven books are shorter than the Famous Five books, their length make these books a great introduction to Enid Blyton’s adventure stories and will appeal to readers of all ages.

I flew through this story, and remembered many of the key moments as I was reading. Reading this book was like being transported back to my own childhood. I loved reliving the adventure and friendship of The Secret Seven. The nostalgia hit was a real treat to experience.

I finished this book with the same sense of satisfaction that I did the first time I read it as a child. This is the power that these books have, they can stand the test of time and be read and appreciated at any age.

Any child seeking a story about true friendship and teamwork will find plenty of both in The Secret Seven.

I am so glad I started collecting The Enid Blyton Classic. These books are classics for a reason and I am so excited to continue my trip down memory lane with the rest of this series.

The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton is a must have for all young readers and all readers who are young at heart.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker