Generally, when you think about designing a vintage style kitchen, the first and foremost thing that’s going to strike you is the elegant and classic ‘French Country’ style kitchen, isn’t it? But, do you think that’s the only vintage styled kitchen that can increase the overall ‘appeal quotient’ of your home as well as its value? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that it’s your biggest misconception. Being an interior designer, I’ve come across a wide variety of vintage style kitchens but believe me, I have never come across a kitchen as beautiful as my grand ma’s (she designed it herself). My grand ma’s kitchen was a very regal-like, Persian style vintage kitchen and I loved the décor to bits! Therefore, I would suggest you opt for this vintage style rather than the very common ‘French Country’ style.

Wondering, how will you proceed with the kitchen renovation, when you don’t know about the main elements of a Persian style vintage kitchen? Worry not; through this blog, I’ll help you design a perfect, regal looking vintage Persian kitchen. And trust me, you’ll thank me later for this absolutely kickass idea!

Everything You Must do to Design a Royal Looking, Persian Style Vintage Kitchen

Ditch the Plain, Boring Walls; Embrace Persian Designs

If you go through the pictures of a vintage Persian style kitchen, the first thing that’s going to grab your eyeballs is the colorful and designed walls. They prefer well-designed walls because according to the Persian, it’s a symbol of royalty. Hence, if you want to go with this theme and make your kitchen look as beautiful as a vintage Persian kitchen, please make sure you have designer walls all around your kitchen. Wondering, how will you get created designer walls around your kitchen? Well, I have three options for you; take a look:

  1. Hire a professional who is good at drawing fine and intricate Persian designs on the walls. But yes, this can cost you a lot as these kinds of wall designers charge a hefty amount for their services.
  2. Cover your walls with wallpapers having Persian designs. And believe it or not, this procedure isn’t expensive at all. You just need to pay for the wallpaper, and as far the installation is concerned, you can do it yourself by checking a few DIY videos.
  3. Thirdly, what you can do is installing designer tiles on the walls.

Install Cherry Wood Cabinets

Once you are done with the walls, the next very essential thing that you need to do is install cherry wood cabinets. Wondering, why cherry wood and not any other wood? Well, it’s because this wood has a slight reddish tinge which is very much needed in any Persian style kitchen. Yes, you can undoubtedly purchase other solid wood cabinets too and tint it red. But sadly, you wouldn’t get that natural reddish effect.

Apart from the color factor, here are some other reasons why you should definitely go for a cherry wood cabinet:

  • It changes in color and turns into a blackish-red shade with age. You might think that’s going to look awful but trust me, it’ll make your kitchen look even better.
  • It’s a robust wood hence, you don’t have to worry about the wear or tear.

Now, this is true that it falls under the category of ‘Costliest Wooden Cabinets’ but still, it’s worth purchasing. And yes, make sure the hardware is golden in color to give a “regal touch” to the kitchen.

Additional Tip: In case you don’t find cherry cabinets, then opt for white shaker cabinets (preferably mystic white) because, after cherry red, this is the only color that would do justice to a vintage Persian kitchen.

Make Sure the Floor is Wooden as Well

Usually, most of the vintage Persian kitchens have solid wooden flooring. Hence, I would suggest you install hardwood flooring as well. However, in case you cannot afford to spend so much, then you can simply purchase laminate wooden flooring as this too, would give your kitchen a very sophisticated and imperial look.

Additional Tip: Spread a debonair Persian carpet over the floor.

So now that you know it all, will you be able to design a perfect vintage style Persian kitchen? If yes, then waste no more time and start renovating the kitchen now!

Other Things to Add:

  • Persian Style Pendant Lights, Chandelier and Sconce.
  • Wall Paintings (Frame Should be Golden in Color).
  • Copper Crockery for display.

Published by Kash Pals