Kerry’s boyfriend is Howard and she is already bored with him. Just when she was wondering if there was more to life than this, she meets Tommy, a biker and is mesmerized by him.

Finishing with Howard, Kerry starts falling in love for the first time. Tommy is everything she ever dreamed about, but relationships rarely run that smoothly. Tommy has an ex girlfriend who he is refusing to talk about. When she confronts Kerry and threatens her to leave him alone, things go badly wrong and it results in Tommy and Kerry’s row.

Kerry has her own secret, one that she can’t share with Tommy or anyone. Bill, her stepfather is abusive and Kerry has to protect her little sister and finds it hard watching her mum suffer at his hands. Tommy’s family are decent and normal, his mum is a nurse and his dad a crane operator at the local docks. They would not understand how things were in her house. They put up with a lot from Tommy’s ex, so the last thing Kerry wants is to bring trouble to their doorstep.

She is not immune to Bill’s erratic behavior and hiding the marks from Tommy gets more difficult. Despite everything, their love for each other becomes stronger and Tommy is worried about what Kerry is not telling him.

As her secret becomes harder to hide, Bill plays his hand, and Kerry is left on the streets in the middle of the night, frightened, hurt, and all alone.

Not only will Tommy know her secret, his parents and friends are there to witness it. Can Kerry hold it together and face her worst nightmare? Will Tommy stand by her? And worst of all, is revenge really that sweet?


The Secret by Karen J Mossman

Set in 1970s Manchester, a tale of love and betrayal, of families at war and includes all the fashion and music from that time.

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Published by Karen Mossman