If you look up the definition of a selfie, the dictionary will tell you that it’s a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Now let’s make something clear: taking a picture of oneself is not a new concept, but the term selfie has gained popularity in only recent years.

Like with most things, I thought I was way too cool to be taking selfies and posting them online. Why would people want to stare at my face on some screen when they could see this perfectly symmetrical thing in person? Most importantly, why was I being punished for innocently scrolling through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds and having to see your face more than 5 times in a day? I always assumed it was karma for that one time I saw an old co-worker, at the grocery store, and decided to turn around and walk away instead of being polite and saying hello (in my defense, I was hungry and was in no mood for small talk. But that’s another story for another day).

I soon realized it wasn’t karma. Not this time around, anyway. The selfie phenom was upon us. People were no longer just taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror; people were taking pictures of themselves with anything and everything you can think of…Your dog just turned 3 and half? Selfie! At the dentist filling 7 cavities and getting a crown? Selfie! Just woke up and have no clue what day it is and where you are? Selfie!

After several painful years of scrolling through countless selfies, I finally decided to cave and give the selfie thing a go of my own. Plus, maybe people really did want to see this perfectly symmetrical thing in their social media feeds, so why should I let my "too cool for school" attitude get in the way of that? You’re right, I shouldn’t. I decided to put an end to my selfishness, of hiding my face from those that wanted to see it more, and start my own journey into the selfie world.

I did quickly find out that there is an art to taking a good selfie and this art should not be abused. I repeat, SHOULD NOT be abused. I also quickly found out that taking selfies can be addicting, but I think that’s because I couldn’t keep up with the initial demand of people always wanting to see more of me. Totally kidding, or am I? Although I am not even close to mastering the art of a great selfie, I know that I one day will get there.

Final Thoughts:  Go on and selfie with your bad self, but please proceed with caution. Wanna show off that brand new hairstyle? Do it! Just climb Mount Everest? Show me now! (Also because I won’t believe you unless you have some proof). Taking 17 pictures, in the span of 1 hour, of yourself standing in front of your closet making the same face? Keep that shit to yourself.

Tell me, how do you feel about the selfie craze?

*Article also published on Kinzie's Kritiques 

My good and not so good attempt at the selfie:


Published by Samantha Kinzie