I found a really great post on the “sensitive skin” claim and how commonly it’s use has become in the Beauty Industry. I wanted to take a few points from the article to share in my own post that I think are good/important things to remember for anyone that may think/claim they have “sensitive skin”, such as myself:

The biggest challenge is perception…

We have to be careful and always try to remember that there is a differentiation between what a product actually is, and the aggressive marketing claims/position it takes in the consumer market.

… the fact is 90% of people who walk through your front door actually have normal to combination skin but have been over-marketed to and have been using products that have created sensitivities. If you eliminate all that stuff, all the things that historically have increased sensitivity to the skin, it goes back to those staples, and that’s what we’ve done.

Self-explanatory. I’m a prime example; I used to have perfect (” “) skin and only felt the need to wear eye makeup to enhance my look… Until I started playing with foundation.Once you start, your skin calibrates accordingly and starts to behave with a reliance on these products so you feel like you can’t stop using them. As the experiments with new products continue, you createsensitivities for your skin that were never there before.

Science can actually be better for your sensitivities than Mother Nature,” adds Goetz. “Poison ivy is 100% natural!

Again, self-explanatory. Just because it’s natural or organic doesn’t mean it won’t irritate your skin!

Read the entire post on Malin & Goetz Approach To Sensitive Skin here.

Published by Nani Dominguez