The story is told of a primitive hidden away tribe who many generations ago were
afflicted by a certain communicable disease which affected one eye and caused it to be
sealed up, it spread from person to person till everyone in the tribe had this disease
and as that generation gave birth their children also came out with the disease from

So over a period of time everyone was born with one eye and their own children were
born and raised up among people with one eye. And so lived this autonomous tribe for
several generations which had no dealings or associations with any people outside their

A missionary one day going from place to place stumbled into this community and as he
came closer, they happened to be some children playing along the path, who on
immediately sighting him began to run, they all ran in freight as fast as their little legs
could carry them, one boy running straight to his mothers arms and in the safety of his
mother’s embrace, points in the direction of the missionary and cries ‘Mummy!
Mummy! Monster; a man with two eyes!'.

Sometimes even the most abnormal things can be viewed as normal and lived so.
It is inborn in the heart of everyone to be appreciated and admired, and this is alright
but we must never let the appreciation or admiration of people be the source our value
or self image. Our value arises from who we are in Christ; the redeemed, the loved, the
forgiven, the valued of our heavenly Father. This is why we have nothing to prove to the
world or compete against this system.

What we don’t realize is that our oversexed culture is the abnormally, like the kid
with one eye we call the normal ‘abnormal’(although with more popular terms like;
prudish, coy, repressed, old fashioned etc). What we see around, we’ve seen so much it
seems natural, it’s not. The sexy culture is a sub system under the control of the god of this world and it’s enforced and reinforced by every imaginable system from main stream media releasing music videos which according to Shola Shitu in his song is ‘an inch away from porn’, to school systems giving out condoms, to feminist movements preaching ‘the sexually liberated woman’, to government policies, to even family norm deviations.

The culture seeks to dominate and intimidate; to dominate the minds of men and
women with the propaganda ‘your missing out’. To Intimidate every lady who doesn’t
look like the photo-shopped swim suit model, so she stays there forever comparing
herself to this images. So we see ladies trying to meet up the standard of beautiful and
hype. We must realize that getting over a hundred Facebook likes for a selfie in which
we contour our bodies to bring out our finest curves is truly not a show of our value, it’s
just a trend of the sexy culture around us.

The culture seeks to dominate and intimidate;

The culture is simply an attempt to pervert, God made sex and he made male
and female sexy, and He expects us to be sexy! Just not to the entire known world but
to that one person called spouse. It is in that covering of marriage, in that privacy of
intimacy with the one person who knows you in the world like no other person can,
that God expects us to explore our sexuality to it’s fullest and experience the richness
therein. The sexy culture around us tries to turn this on it’s head, words that a woman
should only hear from the lips of her husband in the privacy of themselves, she hears
across the street being hurled at her by some ogling child in a man’s body, things a boy
should only see when he is married, he see’s in the commercial everyday on TV, ladies
who should have become a prayer point for salvation have turned to the role models of
our little girls and the fine art of seduction has been gained mastery over by teens, and
all this without even the flickering idea that this may be wrong. Apparently being sexy
and flaunting that sexiness is the new norm.

This is not just some lone battle of personal lust, please understand; this is an all
out, well planned attack on the family!

The point is this it’s become a culture, it’s become a way of life, you walk on the streets
and the billboards remind you so, you enter an office and the receptionist with an
unbuttoned blouse reminds you, you scroll through the TV and you’re reminded again,
you open your computer to browse and ad’s, banners and search results make sure you
don’t forget.

And truly none of this bothers me personally, it’s illogical to expect a pig to stay out of
the mud, so I’m not surprised to see unbelievers do these things, I have more faith and
hope in the most vile christian than the most chaste and moral unbeliever. I don’t go
out and get shocked at these things, I’ll be more shocked to see MTV base playing
gospel songs all day. I’m not shocked if unbelievers are out partying all night and
sleeping with anything that will sleep with them, I’m really not surprised. Sinners do
what sinners are; sinful not by deeds done but by a nature possessed. And it is that
nature Christ took away from us who are now believers that’s why Paul in just about
every epistle calls the Christians saints, not because they never did wrong acts (or
because they had halos on their heads) but because their nature were now recreated
after that of Christ.

I have more faith and hope in the most vile christian than the most chaste and moral unbeliever.

The point is this; we live in this culture and our job is not to run from it or to seclude
ourselves from it like hermits but to keep ourselves from the corruption therein and to
shine our lights thereto. That boils down really to living in the most practical manner
John 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou
shouldest keep them from the evil.

How do we address ourselves in this kind of culture? Realize truly it’s an abnormal
culture, it was never God’s intention sexual chasteness be a rarity or for boys less than
15 to loose their virginity or for everything from a toaster to an automobile to be
advertised with a semi nude lady. Having understood that also note:

.Ability ain’t no license
We must realize just because we can, does not mean we should, ability does not equate
license. The fact that as a young man you can enchant a lady with your words and
charisma does not mean you should! The fact that as a young lady you can make heads
swing without even a word does not mean you should!

Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.
Should your springs overflow in the streets,
your streams of water in the public squares?
Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.
Prov 5:15-17

Look at it this way o Christian you are first of all the house of God containing the springs
of God and the streams of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 6:16, John 7:38,39), should your
streams overflow to the public? And then if you are married (or hope to be someday),
then your streams of sexiness and springs of sexuality belongs to your spouse and to
her/him alone (1 Cor 7:4). So why empty yourself on people who don’t count?
Not even to mention all the scripture that talks about modesty, godly conduct and
conversations, with all purity. So the point is; just because you got it doesn't mean you
ought to flaunt it! The exact opposite of what this culture is saying (p.s. this does not
mean you should go the other extreme to look repulsive, clothing was given amongst
other things for covering and for glory and beauty -Exo 28:2). Like Bishop Oyedepo said;
you can’t be a part of the system you want to change.

. Make a Difference
G K Chesterton is popularly ascribed as being the one who said “The man who rings the
bell at the brothel, unconsciously does so seeking God”. Sometimes we fail to realize
how lost our world really is and how a little light of witness could drive away the
thickest darkness. Every heart longs for more and this culture promises it that more
which it can not give, the deeper they go, the deeper they feel they must go, hoping for
a light at the end of the tunnel but like endless cycle, there’s no end, no light there, but
there is a light.

Truly there’s nothing new under the sun, realize that all the things we see are just 21st
century coated ancient sin nature.

Truly there’s nothing new under the sun, realize that all the things we see are just 21st
century coated ancient sin nature. Society’s in past generations in different locations
had their own sexy culture, like Sodom and Gomorrah popular for their atrocities. Its an
old tool coated with new methods by the devil. Understand that it goes further hunting
for the souls of men and women and it’s a culture propagated by people, the key
therefore are people. God’s tool for delivering the earth are people, the devil’s tool for
plundering the earth are people, it’s always a question of who one yields to. In reaching
out to people in this culture, ignore their fruits and focus on their roots, ignore the sins
they commit and preach Christ who is able to remove the sin nature in them.
The summary is this; evangelize, proclaim the gospel of Jesus and His love, demonstrate
the gospel of Jesus and His love. I’ve come to realize that most things we do, have a
ripple effect beyond our ability to know, the gospel you share could be the turn in that
person that turns the turns in a thousand people one of which turns the turn in another
person who turns and in turn turns the world as we know it for Christ in the most
radical manner. It all starts with a turn, so go ahead.

Published by William Udousoro