A grandiose

        Albatross laden by tinkling bells sloshing with blinking lights strange curving speaking sea shell pinpoint of deep swirling wells chasms of heavny hells lead soaked dripping spectrum smells
                 Risen, El
Wishing selves wander far on the plains of where is god the blinding lights of Suns never fell, only show what is nothing just being in turns of seeker crawl from rubbery singing tells
see the strange muscled creature draw back in the radius echo chamber arise from the sea
              A shell
For a necklace we traveled far and many died for the girl who does wear
on strings of sinew, drawn dried old pulled tight
see the one over there, they say he has sight
yet we all see, standing there on the beach
they hide when they cry and shows smiles to the wise
                        As if
Now look over there, is it not beautiful
a stone cairn, the crypt
all us it does gift
spaces sift
grasp, a lift
life take as life give
peaceful myth
glory kiss
come here
this is the mine
absorbing floor
bursting lights, calling, hypnotize
you can not never resist
so bliss
yourself, to this
it shall pass, yet does last


Published by Tom Lopes