The Difference Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined

The goal of the shaman, the trickster, the healer, may not necessarily be to represent the whole truth at first. Part of this task of healing may involve using a front or an appearance of something that will trigger the individuals own innate self-healing abilities.

This process can also be used to describe how some people must be ‘tricked’ into coming into awareness of the truth about certain issues regarding reality, life itself, or their own nature that they have willfully ignored for so long.


Shamanism and Rock Music the Connection between “Percussionism” and Ceremonial Tribal Music

The body experience of shamanism relates to the way of activating deeper emotional and mental (psycho-spiritual) states through the use of drum-beats, frequencies, or any stimuli that will have an impact on the senses both external and internal.

The body experience of rock music or percussion is reflective of the way these external frequencies can stimulate various states depending on the nature of the sounds and rhythms. Various kinds of music will activate certain moods for instance rock music gets people into a very heavy and powerful state of mind while shamanic or tribal drumming may help people dissociate from the physical senses and access inner states which open one up to visions and wide-spectrum emotional outpouring.

Majic, Psychology and Healing

“Majic” is the use of these tools and abilities to access the finer planes of reality where emotion, mentalism, and spirit exist. This word can refer to may interpretations yet in this use it is related to the use of symbolism, frequency and intention to generate specific effects regarding the experience of emotions, mind and body.

This way of accessing the psyche, the psycho-spiritual realm of the mind and emotions, is related to using these symbols, intentions, and frequencies to stimulate healing within the individual. The majician can perform any act, yet when used with the intention of healing, this becomes Shamanism.

Contemplating the Navel

If one can contemplate their own naval, they can access the more refined areas of emotional, mental and physical well being. This is as simple as martial artist balancing and strengthening their “dan-tien” or center of balance to the point where the uninitiated finds it very difficult to push the master off center without falling over themselves.

Or this can be related to the way a singer or artist can draw up the emotion and power from the naval to express that creativity and emotion in a beautiful array of colors and frequencies.

As well, this can relate to the skilled Shaman or Majician being able to sense and analyze the deeper energies that he or she is experiencing when in the presence of the person they are healing. The strength here will enable them to not only detect and analyze these refined energies but to also not get swept away by the intensity of the emotional or mental impressions he or she may receive.

The Shaman and the Trickster

Sometimes you have to trick people to getting well, shamans are healers and also tricksters, tricking people into seeing the truth as well as tricking people into seeing their self.

Using the placebo effect along with psychoactives opens up the opportunity to realign a person’s mind while encouraging them to unconsciously heal themselves. Often what stops a person from experiencing self-healing is their own perspective and internal alignment of feelings and ideas.

Shamanic moves and sleight of hands, Wizardry and Majic, Selfless and Selfish Intentions

The process of activating one’s unconscious ability often revolves around the art of bringing out a person’s inner conflict as this is where the blockage to one’s own self-healing abilities will be found, deep within the psyche.

Since the individual can’t directly see the unconscious and a person who is experiencing difficulty activating themselves will often not overlook exactly where the issues are consciously present, these aspects can be brought out by a skilled shaman or psycho-spiritual healer who can observer, analyze, and work to integrate these separated components.

The work that is done is quite simply to integrate the aspects of the self that the individual is overlooking consciously out of a desire to preserve some previously held notion of stability. It is the willingness to cling to old ways and deny adaptability and change which causes these psycho-spiritual or even biological blocks and back-ups which initiate suffering and dis-ease.

So to allow the person to re-witness their self fully they must be led out of their stagnated way of perceiving things and initiated onto a path where the old-way of thinking will be left behind and a new journey can begin. For this to happen, they must be shown the path that leads them to the truth about themselves and thus away from themselves only to come right back as a newly realized “individual”. This is in part the work of self-actualization that can be assisted by others when there is so much delay or dis-ease that it is obvious to one who has seen the process before, how to easily encourage the person to adapt and let go of old ways.

Often these old ways are from fear. Fear may be one of the only true sources of this pscyho-spiritual disease of stagnation and delay. To delay is to refuse to fully witness the self and to refuse to witness is to allow the opportunity to become and grow to pass us by. If fear is the cause, then overcoming that fear is the solution.

To overcome these fears through the assistance of a shamanic healer one’s fears must be observed and defined and then the shamanic healer may represent various psychological aspects of what that individual fears in a variety of ways involving colors, scents, clothing, masks, music and frequency, encoded language, symbolic objects and all of this reflects the power and capacity of symbolism in general.

Symbolism is used to represent one fear or notion in the self and other areas of life, to the individual in a heightened moment of spiritual sensitivity that is brought out and activated by the shamanic process. This is an art that is handled by a team of experienced shaman or shaman and healer during healing quest and these seemingly innate aspects of psychology are brought to full living color before the eyes, heart, and soul of the individual who is to fully experience their fears and disorders and embrace what aspects of themselves they were hiding or ignoring in order to let them go and heal.

This is a very sacred art and will only be performed by the most experienced of souls who have the capacity to touch one another soul as well as see through the layers of materialism and surface appearance down to the deep psycho-spiritual sources behind behaviors and emotions.

West calls it fraud and yet Western medicine kills more people than it heals. Conventional medicine is the second leading cause or death in existence, resting third behind time itself.

Half the Job is Setting Up the Trick

Sometimes the perceived negativity of the trick is just to enable the possibility of the healing aspect that is to come later once they are entranced with the ability of the shaman.

Fear is that negative trick which entrances and gives power to the shaman over the psyche of the indivisible and enables the healing motions to come next.

Without the initial influence then the individual is filled with preconceived notions of disbelief, that they are unworthy of healing and thus doomed to dis-ease. This is the cause with ‘modern’ Western medicine. People submit to dis-ease because they are taught to trust what is external instead of what is internal.

Thus, they feel no power coming from within, from the actions and motions of the shaman around them, and thus they are caught off from their own ability to heal.

Fear then can be used to break down these blocks. What is it about a person’s psyche that causes them to lose faith in themselves and the world around them? What is that? It is a stagnation of emotion brought about by a malformed or dis-eased series of preconceptions called a belief system.

Fear then can be used to reactivate that person’s sense of emotion. They can also be brought to joy through these motions, yet how many people who are feeling stuck in a disabled state of mind and body are very open to accessing higher and higher levels of joy? They are stuck, so the lowest common denominator, fear, is capable of shocking their psyche back into rhythm where they will extrapolate and exaggerate exactly what is causing these emotions and beliefs and this will be brought forth for all to see.

You see it is like working backwards, because instead of saying what it is outright, or being able to see directly, the individual will signify the necessity to heal or focus on an area when their biological and mental/emotional response indicates a sensitivity or reactivity to certain stimuli. When the stimuli has no effect, it is as if they are saying, “this areas healthy, move along to the next”, and when there is a strong psychophysical response it is as if the body/mind is saying, “Yes, pain here, here’s where the pain is and thus healing is required!”

The art is in knowing how to present the stimuli in order to target specific areas of the psyche, like a masseuse or practitioner of eastern medicine pressing on specific nerves, muscle groups, lymph nodes and ducts, connective tissue, so on and so forth testing each area for tension and stagnation. Pushing too hard causes pain and might make the issue worse, not pushing hard enough might allow some unnoticed tension to pass by without giving it the proper attention required to heal or at least learn more about the situation with that particular area or individual.

Sometimes the shaman must push or pull heavily because the stubborn tendency has been found. Other times they must be soft and careful because the real issue is actually the one directly next to the one in question. In all, however, a test of the mind and emotions will strengthen overall and produce greater clarity as to where the out of sync aspects are hiding.

It can also be said that the variation in whether there is somewhat dark and difficult process of unveiling the emotions that is required, or whether it is a gentle helping hand of the healer is determined by whether the individual activates the fear-prodding or the direct-healing role of the shaman.

As well, the individual may learn to self-heal by integrating the aspects of the self which relate to the shadow consciousness or dark aspects by purposefully and intentionally embracing these aspects in the face of the rejection of the conscious mind.

By facing and embracing this dark aspect of the psyche, we are essentially becoming the shaman and fear-testing ourselves.

The Self is the Ultimate Reflection of Imagination and Reality, Illusion and Healing

Where our self is defined is at the intersection of our personal capacity for imagination, self-denial, and the larger scope of reality. The very fine line between these systems are the way our identity, memories, experiences, and capabilities come forth or find themselves repressed into the unconscious psyche.

The entire concept of the self requires this notion of healing and disorder, acceptance and denial in order to have a unique embodiment that we call character which relates to identity.

The majority of this process is beneath the surface of what we experience as waking consciousness. These effects and destabilizations are not to be expressed during the useful moments of our existence, so why would we keep them around consciously? It is thus a sign of overall sickness and decay of this society that instead of bringing forth these hidden and possibly disordered aspects they are shunned away and swept under the rug. This causes more disorder and may in fact be the CAUSE of disorder itself as when these hidden aspects are integrated and adapted with psycho-spiritual and even physiological disorder seems to relax and take care of itself. Of course, once these issues are ignored for long enough they move from the psycho-spiritual aspect into the physiological aspect as thus requiring more attention as if the body and mind is saying “You WILL look at this! You WILL give the attention required to grow and know the truth!”

This ‘hidden knowledge’ of the psyche is very much related to the hidden knowledge of the true inner workings of the universe that is often discussed. This knowledge is spoken through a hidden language of symbolism and frequencies which express a relationship between the inner geometries, frequencies, and symbolism and the externalization of these experiences in the Universe.

The inner workings of the psyche ARE the inner workings of the universe translated from one form to the other. The individual’s experience of life both conscious and unconscious are two sides of the same coin in the same way that entire life is one side of the coin of the individual and collective body of the universe. Much like a wave to the ocean, a feeling or perception to a mind, or a gust of wind to the atmosphere. These are really all describing one large body in a variety of perspectives.

The Self is the Healing Process of a Much Larger Organism

All is a learning journey, and you are both the teacher and the student.

This life is akin to some cathartic process for the Universe to experience itself through smaller eyes that may be able to take a more refined look at what is precisely ailing the larger self. In the same sense, it’s a way of having a dream that acts as a way of living a life in some imaginary way that reflects on greater ambitions and creativity allowing one to express and access greater levels of psychological fulfillment.

The life lived through suffering is the cathartic, painful yet healing experience of the Universe pressing on a nerve using its own hand in order to find the pain and release it.

The life lived in joy is the Universe’s process of dreaming a dream so creative and inspiring that new ideas are sure to be activated and realized when the opportunity comes to express these experiences to others in the waking reality.

The beauty is that the dream and waking reality are intertwined as are the life lived in suffering and the life lived in enjoyment. When one is here, they are learning, and the Universe benefits from both ends of the spectrum.

There is a greater sense of activation and this comes from taking control over one’s experience and this is how the life or time of suffering wakes one up to their inner power to create. If one sees that the difference between suffering and enjoyment is a way of dreaming and focusing on different ideals then the power is always within and so each individual has that capacity even if others have different psycho-spiritual or physiological predicaments than others.

If we were all in the same body we would have the exact same lesson and the world would not be as unique and as well there would be no way of “keeping memory” from one experience to the next.

However, if the conscious memory could be awakened to the genetic memory, would these physiological difficulties still be necessary in the same way? This is something to project for the future of this society.

Who We Are and the Choices We Make are Reflected In Our Impact on Others

Help each other heal and unify through that in the same way the universe is unified through the way each element is incorporated into the body.

Every event, choice and experience you absorb is contained within you through your frequency of mind and emotion. When another person experiences you or something you do they are experiencing everything you have experienced and all the choices you have made in some form or another.

It is the same with one’s self and time. Everything that is happening now, is partly a result of everything that has happened. Everything that is to cause, is partly a result of everything that is happening now.

The trick here is the wonderfully hidden insight of the Shamanic ways of the universe. What disables a person from taking the most horrid past and simply letting go of the anguish and exuding the same amount of enjoyment and agreement with others as someone who has lived an entirely pleasant existence? What stops a person in the present from overcoming the past and projecting the most powerful possible future? It is all centered within the mind, the heart, and the gut, intuition or soul. Integrate these three and you will unveil all the power that is necessary to achieve what you experience in your dreams, in all realities.

Published by Aug Tellez