I would take a wild, educated guess that 85-90% of people don’t realize they’re skin is dehydrated. When we talk about dehydration, people usually assume that it pertains to how much water we are drinking on a daily basis v. the “ideal” amount of eight, 8-oz. glasses (2 liters, or ½ a gallon).

Regardless if you’re drinking this much water or even twice this much water – your skin can still be dehydrated nonetheless. Yes, drinking water affects your body’s overall hydration level, but the moisture level retained in your dermis/epidermis is dependent on other factors as well like environmental (weather changes, allergies, etc.), hormonal (PMS, low estrogen levels, etc.), and the products you apply on your skin directly.


Serums play an important role in everyone’s skincare routine, and are commonly overlooked. I never used a serum until about four weeks ago, and already I can see a huge difference in my skin’s ability to retain moisture.

You want to choose a serum that contains either glycerin or hyaluronic acid. These are both considered humectants, AKA molecules that hold up to 1000x their size in water, that  support the delivery of moisture levels from your skincare products (i.e. moisturizers, night creams, etc.) into your dermis after applying. You want to make sure you are using your serum after every time you wash your face, before you apply your moisturizer.

Your skin’s moisture or hydration level has nothing to do with your skin type; even oily skin-types can be extremely dehydrated – which can be causing common problems like redness/irritation and/or constant acne breakouts.

I am currently using a stock formula of a serum by a professionals-only line, but will be doing more research and trying out some that are available for everyone to purchase in the coming months; so standby for an update!

Do you guys have any you would suggest? Remember, the key ingredients we want to look for in our serums are glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can also be recognized by its INCI name on an ingredient listing on the back of a product label as Sodium Hyaluronate.

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Published by Nani Dominguez