For some of you whom enjoyed my blog about the low carb diet, I have decided to give you another diet that works the same way practically, but based on a "modified" low-carbohydrate diet.  This diet consist of being lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and healthy fats.  Although, not many people I know have actually been on this diet, and it seems to be phasing out a bit, I wanted to bring light to this diet because while grocery shopping I noticed how they still have tons of their products inside stores so it must be doing something right?  You might be wondering what the picture up to about "phases" and thinking to yourself "what does this mean" well, no worries.. I plan on sharing all this information with you so that you are more educated on this particular diet and the way it works.  

Below I will have the pros and cons of this diet and again share my opinion towards the end and give you an overall gist to what I believe to be a good or bad thing about this diet and hopefully as always I would want to hear from you guys on how you feel about this diet.  




  • This diet is said to be a "healthy" diet because it promoted reversing heart disease and helping with weight loss
  • It recommends consumption of foods that contain heart healthy unsaturated fats
  • it encourages complex carbohydrates
  • based on eating low GI foods 
  • rich in vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains
  • Cravings might disappear because of the restriction of refined or highly processed foods
  • Weight loss is said to be fast
  • It is easy to follow and does not imply counting calories
  • You won't get hungry because dieters are encouraged to eat regular portion sizes


  • Not a lot of information or data is on the South beach diet
  • Phase 1 is the most restrictive and holds some inconveniences: Ketosis might occur because of the lack of carbs, the lack of fruits results in reduced vitamins and minerals, cutting out the carbohydrates during this phase could potentially mean no fiber, nutrients and iron
  • The rapid weight loss is not recommendable
  • The south beach diet is said to be expensive
  • the recipes are complex and very time demanding
  • Requires a great deal of willpower for those that are used to carbohydrate rich foods
  • Supplements are recommended because there is a high chance of not getting enough vitamins or minerals
  • the absence of promoting exercise
  • The lack of options for those who cannot eat or don't eat diary products

Now with things constantly changing, some of this may not be updated news and some of it may be somewhat still true to til this day but all of this is fact. I want to throw something else out there, that the foods you can buy in the frozen section at a grocery store is about the same as buying some of the smart choice meals when I compared them.  Just a thought. Now my opinion of this diet is quite simple, any diet that doesn't promote exercise is too good to be true or not going to work out for the long term because even though diet is very important and more important then exercise, exercise should always be a recommended regimen and to be honest should be included (in my opinion). I can see why this doesn't promote exercise though, because you would need more carbohydrates to fullfil enough energy to exercise otherwise it could really damage your body.  The phase one seems a bit scary and reckless, and no wonder people lose rapids amount of weight, because look at all is restricted during this phase.  Some more information about the phases: We spoke on phase one, now we will hop to phase 2 and see how this phase pans out


Phase 2:

  • Eat a variety of delicious foods & reach your goal weight. Your weight will drop more steadily, you'll gradually reintroduce nutritious foods, phase 2 last as long as it takes to reach your weight loss goal

Phase 3:

  • Eat all foods in moderation
  • Maintain weight loss for life, eating all foods in moderation, maintaining goal weight, 
  • Keep your weight off for good

So basically the next two steps are about maintenance and balancing your foods so that you continue to eat nutritious foods and at some point reintroducing the foods that were restricted in the beginning.  Based on these last two steps, I still don't think very highly about this diet but again that is because of the lack of exercise that is promoted and how much is restricted in the beginning, actually the amount of food restricted period is kinda scary a bit much for most people to handle.  Do I think this could be long term? no not at all, because all it will take is one food that you normally eat and a cheat day and someone will give this diet up. Although, I do like how they recommend maintenance and eating in moderation, I am not a fan of following phases. Overall, the diet has its up and downs, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know unless they made some tweaks.  

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