“Life is an ocean, and most everyone's hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat”

I was watching this movie yesterday and I suddenly had an urge to write down some things, thoughts about the movie because I was feeling that I can work with this because it is somehow connected to me and my life. Does that happen to you too? That you are concentrated to a movie, to all of the lines and suddenly you are like hmm..this sounds really familiar.
I don't know how, but I dug out this movie- The Spectacular Now and watched it again because I was in a mood to watch something from "life".

There was a scene where they were talking about people and their interest definition or something like that. So I was just thinking about it, and we can surely add it to a simple life happening in peoples lives.
Do you believe that a simple thing can be clipped into your name and that one thing defines you in front of the "crowd"? Like person is a "jock" or a "nerd" or a "popular one"- you know the high school stuff- or "musician", "painter", "singer" or whatever.

Have you ever asked yourself if you have that one thing that defines you? So, I asked myself and I was not able to find that "one" thing in myself I am best in. I have a lot of interests but as I was trying to find out in which one I am the best in, I wasn't able to do so. It upset me a little because if I am not really good in one thing I am doing, then why am I doing other 5 things then?

Yea,I was upset, but then I've realized one thing. I mean, I built this kind of opinion that there is not just one thing that defines people, that there is more to a person than just one thing in general. You can explore your options, you can be anything you want to be, even though you like doing like 5 things, like me.

You know because nobody's perfect and you can or you can't excel in 5 things.
Not even close.
Everybody created their world inside of their heads, they have wrinkles from squinting, smiling or not smiling at all.
They all have marks on their bodies, which remind them their life path, what they've done and what happened on their way here. They consider it as an evidence of sleepless nights while staring to the ceiling for so many hours? Yes, black circles under eyes became so common as well.
Adventure captured in memories in their heads, heartbreaks that are just a huge part of life, yea because shit happens; and all the jokes and funny stuff that happened.

This all made them who they are.

So why would you narrow your interest for one thing to excel in it if you like other things too?
Because some people around you told you to do so?

Oh honey, life is so much more than this.



Published by Nina S