Cricket, as a true Indian has been my passion as well.  It has been in me since my childhood. As children, we would assemble together to watch a cricket match played between India and other countries. Matches between India and Pakistan were and still are delight to watch. TVs were rarity in the early 80s, so we would folk in and squeeze together to watch those long matches which, earlier were of 60 over duration for One day Internationals. By today’s standards of quickfire T20s a 60 over match would surely be counted as a punishment, for the players and for the viewers as well. Each one of us, even in that age considered ourselves as good judges as we still do. We, as Indians, may not have commanded many a things, but, we are good judges, we can teach the Gavaskars and the Tendulkars and the Kohlis how to play a shot when he gets out. Alas, TV then and even now is a one way mode of communication. Sitting together in a group and to be on the winning side or on the losing side had its own delight. We would criticize a player who had a bad day on the field. Chetan Sharma was one such poor guy, whose one delivery threw him to the sidelines of cricketing world.

Yesterday when Kohli was playing a game of his life out there at Chandigarh, I was delighted as well, the joy of enjoying cricket in group is now not to be seen. Its a solo affair, fortunately, my kid was with me to give a company. He has now donned the role of a self proclaimed judge and now tells me how Yuvraj should have played his shot.  I remembered those sweet childhood days of mine to see him in an animated mood swinging his cricket bat to tell me how the shot should have been played.

Somewhere in the other corner of my mind there was a nice little story lingering which i had heard from some spiritual guru on television. I seemed to realize how correct he was. He said, when you watch a game, for example, a cricket match, you take sides, and when you take sides, you either end up with the winning team or with the losing team. When you are with the winning team, you tend to feel happy, when you are on the losing side, you feel dejected. Its true, Isn’t it.

He further, presented an ideal situation saying, suppose you watch a match without taking sides, you end up enjoying the whole match, you will enjoy the game in the entirety, you will enjoy the batting the bowling and the good game played by both the teams. You will feel happy.

Is’nt it true in our lives as well? we always tend to take sides in our personal lives, professional lives. By doing so we end up either on the happier or not so happier side. Can we just be a bystander and witness and enjoy what is going around us.

But, just as the guru said, it is not as easier as said to do so, it requires a lot, the only person who have done so in the past was Lord Krishna, he was with all, he was with no one, he knew the future and yet he was so intensely immersed in the present.

Many a people who have reached that level of sadhana or spirituality are successfully doing so, enjoying the act without being judgmental.  Till now, I am not able to be so luckier.

So, I will have 50% chances to be happy during this T20 season, atleast. Living with 50% chances is however, not such a rosy picture after all.

Wishing Team India Best of Luck!!

Published by vijay joshi