I was listening to one of Kenneth Hagin’s messages yesterday and something caught my attention. I wrote some of his words down in my jotter but now, I feel the urge to share, because someone might need this. Might be a little bit long, let’s see…

Is your conscience a saved guide? This question got me and I was about asking myself when he (Kenneth Hagin) replied with a yes, on a condition. Your conscience is a saved guide if your spirit is a new man in Christ, because your conscience is the voice of your spirit.

One who is not born again cannot follow the voice of the spirit because his spirit will be unregenerated, and his conscience would permit him to do ANYTHING. This is because, in his spirit, he has the nature of the devil in him. But we—born again beings, have the life and nature of God in our spirit.

When you have the nature of the life of God in you, your conscience will not permit you to do ANYTHING. When you are born of the spirit (born again), the holy spirit is in there. You might not be FILLED with the spirit (yet) but the Holy Spirit started abiding there the moment you gave your life to Christ.

The Holy Spirit does not communicate directly with your mind because he is not in your mind; he is in your spirit. He communicates to you through your spirit. Your spirit will now reach and inform your mentality. These things come from the inside of us.

As humans, we are quick to say ‘my conscience told me this/that’. Recently, I figured that there is more to this conscience thing; so much more, but we think it as something psychological because ‘we are wise’.

Since I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord, I have the Holy Spirit dwelling within me. Therefore, I am no longer ordinary; the words I speak are not of a mere man; I deal with things supernaturally; all opinions, ideas, and all that pop into my head are not of a normal being.

I’ll share few personal experiences.

I love to be alone. I get to have so much time to myself to think and meditate on every-every. Sometime last month, while the month was wrapping up, I woke up in the morning with an idea in my head. I had spent the whole day thinking about it; what to tell the person I think should be involved; how it should be organized, etc. In my mind, I was feeling like a boss, like I was so smart enough to have thought of and organized such an excellent idea. Whoa! Only for me to turn on my mobile data at night and ‘oya, let me tell this person about my cooked up idea’. Toh. I was about typing my rants, when I saw pending messages and decided to read. You won’t believe that person had said the exact thing I had been ‘planning’ in my head all day; the exact figure I had in mind; everything! I was shocked. I mean, we never talked about this.

That day, I was close to tears and I said just one sentence ‘truly, the spirit of God is one’. That wasn’t my man-like-mind doing the thinking all day. It was my conscience, the spirit-filled conscience.

Another one. This also happened last month. I kept pacing around my room at some minutes past 12:00Am. I had just finished eating and refused to take my plate to the kitchen. A part of me wanted to continue a paused movie; another wanted me to read; all sorts just kept popping in and out of my mind but I knew I wasn’t going to sleep. All of a sudden, I heard that still voice from my conscience ‘did you drop that kettle from the gas cooker’ (by now, you should know that wasn’t some LOUD-Jam speaking behind. Okay?). Damn! I dashed into the kitchen and everywhere felt HOT! The 2-litres kettle of water was there, boiling for over an hour. I lifted the stainless kettle and there was just very little time left for the whole water to dry up. I dropped down, placed palms on my mouth, and could hear my heartbeat race. I was dumb! I could have listened to that mind that told me to keep up with the movie and sleep off as usual; I probably would have gotten roasted on the long run and never wake again. I won’t be writing this today if I never went back to check. ‘Thank you Jesus’ seemed so little to say at that point. I just wanted to tear myself apart to write a ‘Thank You’ in the sky. No words. No words.

Someone would say ‘that was just common sense, or psychological’. No. since I started operating in the supernatural, I stopped using common sense, and started operating with the mind of Christ.

Some other person would say ‘but it can also happen to someone who is not in Christ’. Ehn! But hope you know it’s the devil who’s dominating that person’s spirit and he can choose to save him or leave him to perish?

I could go on and on, giving examples of how the spirit-filled conscience works with me…

If you are born of the spirit, congratulations! You cannot think or do things anyhow. You think like Christ, speak like him, and do things like him. You can never go wrong with the Spirit of God.

If you are at the other end (because there is nothing like being on the fence here), you are still giving the devil one more chance to mess with you and use you the way he wants. He might seem sweet, but his end is never sweet, trust me. Yield to Jesus Christ today and be sure of a safe ride; a beautiful end; a perfect thinking; a sound mind; a life! Oh Joy!



Published by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole