Merry Star, Merry Star
Tell us a story
Merry Star, Merry Star
That we might not worry

Oh dear star, why do you shine so brightly?
Is it perhaps because you have something new?
Merry Star, Merry Star, shine your light kindly
Turn our dark clouds into skies of blue

It is this, the story that I tell you
The story of hope
You see man had no way, always singing his blues
But if only he knew, of the eternal new rope

A baby was born, the destiny of a king
Not royalty like a thorn, but rather he that would bring
Peace, Freedom, and Love
Cease, Protect, and Sacrifice

And this gentle king would one day be a flying dove
Shot down by his own from above
But little would they know, that in their own gloves
Would lie the actions needed, to save this world
Save it, with just Love

The star shined that day
Brighter than any other
But Love shined even greater on that other day
Because it shined, everywhere

At. The Same. Time.

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Published by Brian Vasquez