Over the course of this blog, it has been established that I am addicted to tea. However, brewing loose leaf tea can become a lengthy and troublesome process. So, to solve this problem, I invested in a DAVIDsTEA steeper a few months ago.

Using the Steeper is easy; add the desired amount of tea to the pot and then let it steep. The leaves float freely during steeping, allowing the drinker to enjoy the full flavour of the tea.

Once your tea leaves have been thoroughly steeped, lay the steeper on top of your mug. The seal on the pot then opens, which allows the tea to pour using gravity.

Overall, I am very pleased that I decided to purchase this steeper. It makes steeping loose tea less of a hassle and cuts back on the waste of disposable tea filters. Additionally, this device is easy to take apart for washing. My only drawback is that the steeper begins to stain quickly from regular use. However, I have found that soaking it in a mixture of water and baking soda resolves that problem; alternatively, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to achieve similar results.

I believe that this product was worth the $20, and I would recommend it to fellow tea lovers. DAVIDsTEA also has a 36oz Steeper that serves up to 3 cups for $30. Alternatively, Adagio Teas also has a gravity steeper called the ingenuiTEA in 16oz and 28oz sizes that are readily available on Amazon.

Published by Melissa Rose