… For next few days weather was unpleasant so I didn’t find much time to go outside. One day while I was finishing my work, I heard a voice someone calling me outside, I looked through window and found that little boy, I was overwhelmingly happy to see him again. He shouted, “come outside, I have something for you”.

I looked at the sky sun was shining brightly, though I didn’t want to go outside but I couldn’t resist myself. He hold my hand and took along his way, he was certainly very curious about it.

Finally, after a five minute walk we were at him home, he offered me a glass of chilled lemon juice, as i was sweating without wasting a single moment I finished it then I looked around and asked him surprisingly, from where you brought it ?

During that time technology has not advanced much and a refrigerator was not more than a dream for any household. I reiterated, from where you brought it ? He laughed and said come with me i wanna show show you something.

Then again he hold my hand, I followed him and after covering a mile distance we reached at the bank of nearby river where he marked me a big stone on approaching it he took out a sealed glass bottle submerged in water. Looking at it I got answer to my all questions.

Certainly to be an ingenious age is no bar, "necessity is the mother of invention" quote that perfectly fits here. The intuitive way “the little boy” utilized his mind has affirmed me that the “The First step to success” has gone further and I believe that "the step goes on".   

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