When Brian wakes up one Sunday morning he is overwhelmed by a truly pongy, putrid smell. After he realises he is home alone, he calls his best mate Nerf to come over, Knowing that it is up to them to find and destroy the horrible stench. Brian and Nerf's hunt to find the mystery smell is only the start of their stinky adventures.

This fantastic book contains 3 stinky stories, the third story is longer than the first two so it has been split into two parts. Splitting the book into 3 stories makes this book a great book to pick up and put down while reading with kids.

Illustrated by Jules Faber, the stories and illustrations perfectly compliment each other. Jules Faber's illustrations add an extra layer to this book helping to enhance these great stories.

I really enjoyed this book, so I can only imagine how much enjoyment this book is going to give to young readers. As I was reading this book I could actually picture kids laughing, especially young boys.

Alex Ratt has done an amazing job with this book, the humour, character and storylines are on point from start to finish.

This book definatly hit the mark. The great easy to read narrative make this book flow seamlessly from one story to the next. Filled with smelly situations and funny exchanges between the characters, Alex Ratt has discovered the magic formula.

This book is a must have for all kids.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker