Tuesday, 19th July 2016. 7:29 AM.

My friend, boy 1, and I going to another friend, boy 2, house. I want to show them where is my house. In my mind, my house is my second house. In real live, I already moved one time. When I arrive at my house, It is not like in my mind. Why I come to my old house? In my dream, my old house was dark like no one live there. I hesitate to going in.

Suddenly, someone pokes my shoulder and said hi. He ask me, do I remember him? I am trying hard to remember and I feel afraid. I know him. He is my stalker. I always afraid of him. Then I tell my friends to walk away. I said to my friends, what is he doing here? And then we runnnnnnnnn.

We run until we find a villa. I meet my family in there. There are my father, my mother, my cousins and his wife, my grandma, my aunt and uncle. We are going to the zoo. To see lions circus. There is a photo session where we can play tug of war with the lion. My cousins and his wife, and my grandma joins the play. My grandma stand at the back. Suddenly she disappear inside the cave. I search for her and got a vision in dream that my cousin will die by drowning. 

I wake up in bed. I don’t know how. I try to search for my grandma again and find a room. There are many people search for weapons. I don’t know what will they do with the weapons. I see one of them try to open the box with a chainsaw and failed. I know how to operate chainsaw. So I offer them help. When I reach half way to open the box, accidentally the chainsaw slips. Someone angry because of it and take over my chainsaw and try to kill me. I was angry too and try to find a weapon. I find a knife. My friends find a hammer and blade. That room become a warzone. He kill my friend with chainsaw. I kill him by flying my blade over his neck. His girlfriend kill my another friend too. I was extremely angry and I kill his girlfriend. I slash her chest. She run away and go outside. I chase her. I want to kill her desperately. I follow her to a big pond. I met my cousin there on a pond bridge. Suddenly I remember in my dream’s dream that day my cousins will die by drowing in the pond water. I left my enemy girlfriend and hold my cousins hand to drag him out of the pond. So that he don’t die. I relieved that he safe. There is a saying, if you change the past, there will be a change in the future.

Suddenly, my enemy girlfriend jump into the water in the place of my cousin. I laugh out loud in my mind. She just want to die after she kill my friends!!! Hahahahaha. Stupid girl. I stop my desire to kill her because she just want to die herself. Hahaha.

Immediately my cousin throw a rope to the pond. So she can hold it and don’t drown. But, she doesn’t hold it. We wait and wait. She doesn’t come out from the water. I heard her mother is crying for help and she jump into the pond to save her daughter.

Her mother find her sit on the ground of the pond unconsciously. She doesn’t realized that she can’t breath. When her mother come to get her. She wakes up and try to kick the water to find the air. She is safe and crying. She just got her karma. Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.



Published by Jessica Lim