We were like the kite and its bridle

How the thread of love connected us

There was some force; the mutual energy

Our passion

Our enthusiasm

And our commitment; the handler of the flight!

As the bridle emptied itself 

Opening up the possibilities

The thread of love grew longer 

And the kite flew, higher and higher

There was love and endurance

There was freedom and space

Happiness defined our relationship

But along the way

There were different obstacles

Obstacles of greed, jealousy and possessiveness

That tried so hard to cut off the thread 

The flight was too long maybe

The passion and enthusiasm outgrew

And so did the commitment 

The thread of love that connected us

Now felt like the thread that limited us

Where did we fail to keep the stand? 

We wanted freedom

We wanted solitude

For our love was now the burden

The kite wanted to keep flying on its own

And the bridle wanted to save the thread; its feelings

But the kite now lies on the ground

It was the thread, the bridle and the enthusiasm of the handler that gave it wings

Their commitment was the power

And the bridle lies there, sad and lonely

Full yet empty

Only if it knew that it felt complete when it emptied itself  

There used to be freedom

But now both are limited within themselves

No flight

No love

No essence of life

Oh, the loners! 

Published by Asmita Nepal