As of recent, we have just witnessed an attempted coup d'etat on President Erdogan. Apparently, some people within the military felt alienated by what they perceived to be Erdogan's oppressive regime and took it upon themselves to force him out of power. It was of course a very violent spectacle given the nature of military coups: it involved explosions, shootings, fighting, and even some beheadings. This coup d'etat of course failed and the theories as to why it did are interesting: some say it was because Erdogan managed to successfully rally his supporters against the military, and some say that it was because Erdogan set this up as a well-hidden PR scheme (just ignore the "blame everything on the west" sentiments).

Of course there is a very important question on some people's minds: Is this coup d'etat justifiable?

You have three positions on this matter: People who back the coup, people who back Erdogan, and people who back neither. 

The people who back the coup argue that Erdogan does nothing but hurt the people of Turkey and suppress the voices of dissent. The evidence for this is pretty overwhelming. To give you a brief summary of the evidence: Turkey ranks 151 out of 180 countries on the World Press Freedom Index and since 1992, 22 journalists were murdered by Turkish nationalists. Another reason why Erdogan is so hated is because he is often depicted as being an Islamist and many suspect that he has provided funding for ISIS. Also, Erdogan is known to be very racist towards Turkey's Kurdish population.

The people who back Erdogan believe that he is good for Turkey because he helped revive the economy and that he has been voted in by the people. Here is a report by The Economist if you want an objective analysis of Turkey's economy but if you want the main point, Turkey might've been better off economically than it was in the 90's, but many would argue that the AKP is no longer focusing on economic growth. As for their arguments against Erdogan's human rights violation, they basically become extremely defensive and argue that the West does not want to see a good Islamic model of government so they engage in slandering the country. 

Finally, you have the people who back neither Erdogan nor the coup. They believe that, while it is true that Erdogan is a disgusting cockroach, a military dictatorship is not the solution. Basically, we should uphold the rules of democracy and fight Erdogan's regime through democratic means because a military rule could be way worse.

I personally believe that Erdogan is a murderous coward but I think that we should let the Turkish populace decide if they want this cockroach as their ruler.

Published by Omar Jamal