Due to some recent events, I have come to some topics that I feel passionate about.  I don't understand why both guys and girls think that girls can't be friends with boys without wanting something more.  Okay, well, we want attention but that is it.  I am a person that just gets along with boys better.  My friends say I have a boy's personality, way into sports, video games, beer, outdoorsy things, and more. With that territory, people question me.  Are there any other girls out there like me? The struggle is so real.  It is apparent if I am just being one of the boys or if I am pursuing them.  

The reason why this topic effects me is because its make going about life more annoying.  I just want to be able to hangout with who I want without people making snarky remarks but I guess that is life, right? What can we do? 

Published by Lauren Emi