English isn’t my mother language so I’ve had to learn (well I’m still learning) like some of you may learn French, Spanish, Chinese… (my mother language is Spanish by the way)

“And how ya speak English son?” You may be asking, so if you don’t know me let me just break it down for you: It is not that I’m in an English school, academy, not that I got English speaking friends (actually I got one but I’ve never talked in English with her cuz we’re both shy and we’re not THAT close)… I’ve learnt at least 80% of what I know in just one word: Internet, it has taught me all I know. #NotBragging Call me weird but I also talk to myself and write a blog (this one, you stupid! Nah just kidding, I love you!).

But no matter if you’re learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin (yes…Latin)… No matter if you’re learning on your own, with a teacher, in school, in an academy… We all deal with stuff we need to handle to keep improving our level. So here I am to tell ya The Struggles of Learning a Language so grab yourself some snacks and let’s start.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a guide of how to make learning a language become easier or tips to learn a language faster. I’m just sharing things we all deal with when learning a language and maybe sharing with you guys the things that I do to practice a language. So don’t you expect me to give you advice (maybe one day I’ll make a post giving you advice about this) or to make your life any easier. I’m just sharing the struggles. Nuff said, back with the post! *Was that rude? Argh, I hate myself sometimes! Sorry guys.*


For me it’s like listening can be the hardest one but when you get the hang of it it becomes the easiest. Seriously, the first time I watched a Superwoman video I almost died. Like what? This girl needs to slow her tongue (and I know what that sounded like, you dirty minded people!). Like why do you have to speak so fast? Now I understand everything but then I had to rewind every 10 seconds.

Then it can become really annoying when people know that you’re a learner and speak like they were in slow motion exaggerating every single syllable. Like dude: I may not speak English like you may do, but I’m not retarded!!


Reading can be my favorite cause you don’t have to put THAT much effort, you know? You just have to understand and if there’s something you don’t get then you go to the dictionary (or if you’re like me, you grab your phone and type the word in the google translator, #Rebel). I think that’s all I have to say about it.

Sometimes we can get frustrated when we don’t understand even half of what we’re given to read but such is life, we ain’t perfect and we have to admit there’re always things we don’t understand! #TrueStory If I got money for every time I’ve been told to read something I don’t understand I would live like a goddess right now.


Speaking can be the hardest one for many people and I know it can be really hard but once you get used to it and become confident enough to get over that fear it can be even fun! Sometimes you get stuck, pronounce wrong, say something wrong, don’t explain yourself well, forget that word you learnt yesterday… but as long as people understand you everything else is irrelevant.

All I do is sometimes record my voice with my phone and then listen to catch my own mistakes, that’s what I do. Also sometimes I rant to myself in English as if I was talking to a friend or my parents.


For me writing can be as easy but you can also have the same problems as in speaking, don’t know how to say something, get stuck in a word, don’t spell something correctly… But like everything, practice makes perfect! But I think it’s easier for a lot of people to write than to speak. I don’t know…

Sometimes it can be stressful when you don’t have anyone around to help you when you’re not quite sure whatcha doin’ but if can be pretty easy.

So that was it, by this post I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes cuz I’m still learning, I’m not saying all languages are easy, some can be hard… Just sharing the struggles.

Sometimes learning a language can be beautiful, wonderful and all that but sometimes you have to deal with stuff! #JustDeal so yup! It takes so much effort, I think I won’t learn any more languages, two is already more than enough for me, I pass!

I think there are more struggles than these 4 but I think they’re the most important ones and some of them are just depending on who’s your teacher, how you’re learning, the language you’re learning, where you’re learning, blah, blah, blah… But I think it’s cool, like: life would be boring if everything was easy and came easy. Sometimes we need to struggle. #MeGivingLifeLessons

Anyway, hope you liked this post (it was sort of long now that I think about it) and I would love to know if you’re also learning any languages, if you’re planning to, if you already have… Tell me in the comments!!

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Published by Anna Regina