Bored of the same old look of your interior? Ready for a change? Follow us on and explore the amazing summer of 2018 interior design trends to find inspiration for your own home improvement projects. Get ready for the hottest trends everyone's talking about.

Industrial chic

The industrial trend is more popular than ever so intertwining its key features is certainly going to make your home a modern oasis. Distinguishable features such as distressed finishes, polished concrete, exposed bricks are perfect for almost any interior - they combine so well with various decorative items and all kinds of furniture pieces; from vintage flea market finds to modern geometrically shaped furniture pieces. Add a personal touch to your interior with decorative items, wall art pieces, plants, etc. and show off your personality and uniqueness. Just remember, keep it simple and minimal!  

A touch of greens

So, one thing definitely stays the same as the time goes by and that is – greenery. Decorating with plants have always been popular but you should try to give it a twist and do something completely different. Imagine tropical climate, cocktail lounges, palm leaves, soft blush pink flowers, and botanical terrariums and apply all of it to your home. How? Well add a lot of green leaves plants, opt for blush pink furniture, decorate with bamboo lattice chandelier and a hay basket for your Monstera plant, and voila! A first step on the path to creating a perfect relaxing zone in your home.  

Colors aesthetic

Say goodbye to the old boring wall colors and embrace the new shades, shapes, stencils, ombre walls and paint effects in general!

Find inspiration in Bauhaus, combine red, yellow and blue shapes or create your own version by combining grey with watery blues and muted pinks for example. It is all about creating an illusion, a subtle haze that can be achieved with a playful combination of various colors and shades.

Professional home painters from Sydney add that the ‘Caviar' black is the new black! It's official, black walls are in, especially when paired with dark grays and deeper shades of the furniture. This bold combination of dark colors is perfect for all the edgy individuals out there. You can emphasize the dark shades even more by playing with metallic gold or rose gold decorative items.

Ombre is going to be all over the place this summer – but in a good way! You're going to see it in many different ways, from rugs, beddings, cushions to artwork, furniture, and accent walls. The best part is that you can DIY or use wallpaper instead. Choose a perfect shade of blues and pinks and create your own personal ombre wall this summer.

Tactile surfaces

Texture, texture, texture. This summer is all about creating a warm atmosphere with wonderful textures. Combine them in order to create a rich interior space, more tactile rooms that will surely look gorgeous and provide a perfect, warm, homey vibe. Decorate with brushed brass in contrast to polished concrete walls, use handmade materials such as wicker or rattan – simply play with textures. Just make sure to intertwine terrazzo because it's a massive trend this summer! Introduce it into your home by using small touches in your space, like terrazzo candles as standout pieces.


Find inspiration in bohemian style and create a wonderful, light, airy space with a more seamless transition between the inside and the outside. Combine vivid colors, pastels, textures, handmade materials and add a perfect dose of bohemian aesthetic with tassels and fringing that will certainly emphasize the naturalness of your interior. Play with macramé, tufting, feathers on cushions, throws, rugs, and wall hangings and create a perfectly calm interior perfect for relaxing – your own personal paradise.

Inky blues

Probably the hottest color trend is surely introducing inky blues into your home. If painting walls in shades of blue seem a bit too much for you and your home then opt for inky blue decorative items, vases, flowers, cushions, throws, etc. Make it even trendier and mix styles, opt for geometric shapes, intertwine colored glass and embossed stoneware. Combine this amazing shade with black walls and gold-like furniture, mirrors, picture frames, candle holders with a touch of greenery and voila! A perfectly decorated interior that is going to make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Choose perfect little details that depict your personality for your home and avoid overcrowding your interior. Find inspiration in these amazing new summer trends and decorate your home just the way you want it! You will be more than pleased with the results!

Published by Victoria Lim