The trails are abandoned as the golden hour disappears behind the trees, the branches swaying gently in the wind. Snow covers the ground, creating a treacherous path of ice and danger, yet my feet find leverage. The sky is calling me and so I am lead up, coming closer and closer to the swirling pink clouds and the dancing light. There is a sound in the distance, the hooting of an owl and the gentle step of a deer, yet they dont come out of the shadows of the forest. Darkness will be their time to come out, and they are waiting with a patience I lack. I reach the top and pause to catch my breath, allow myself a moment to look over my shoulers to admire how far I have come.  I get lost in that thought for a moment, think of the trail behind me and the mysteries I missed in my oblivion, of everything I left unexplored. I get lost in what was not meant to be, in what was not my destiny. My eyes eventually  search for something else ahead of me, and it is not long before my gaze locks on the display nature gives me. Its an odd thing, how nature is able to sense when you need to see the day end with grace and beauty. Mountains are towering over the valley, glimmering in the last glory of the day. The sun hovers right above the daunting peaks, shining brightly. Clouds surround it, casting  a red glow over the woods. The sky is filled with warmth, perhaps promising days filled with sunshine and glory, or perhaps only to end the day with an explosion of vibrance. The world catches on fire, burning against the darkness, red and orange and gold battling each other. Harmony falls as the sun sinks behind a cloud, rays of pink stretching out over the horizon. The sun goes down in flames, burning away the memories that haunt the valley, leaving a darkness that is filled with silence. Yet the remaining colours refuse to let go as they guide me to another day.

Instagram: Dorianandthewolf

Published by Quelly And Dorian