Dear reader, what I am about to tell you is not a fad. It is the absolute truth. Well, at least for me. So, here it is; great underwear has superpowers.

Many people talk about ways you can feel great walking down the street, or ways to give your self more confidence, but not a lot of people talk about underwear. I tell you no lie, wearing a hot number beneath your clothes is a definite confidence booster. There is just that little pop it gives your stride. And for me, when I’m up and about my day, there’s this feeling of mystery I have. Mystery that I know something no one else knows, a little extra sparkle.

It’s the fact that beneath my long sleeves, short sleeves, dress, regular jeans, T – shirt or whatever decent clothing I’m putting on is a; 'rock your world-smoking hot-lacey-silky-sometimes, stringy-but comfortable' number. Knowing that something that wonderful is caressing your sensual bits is strangely uplifting and assuring.

My tastes may be as different from yours as day to night, but what I am saying is; try to make your favourite underwear your only underwear, or at least give it a boost in the 1 in the 'something' percentile. And, the way to do that is definitely not to wear the exact same underwear everyday! but to invest in amazing underwear that you feel comfortable in, so that it’s more in your closet and would thus, be worn more frequently than its less confidence boosting counterparts. If you already have great underwear, then probably just get something new. We all know the excitement we feel to launch a new outfit we just bought and how the day already seems better just by having said outfit on. The same goes for underwear, only, not everyone can see it.

So, for the days you want to get that little extra pump, try wearing great underwear that is comfortable and empowering! 

Published by Meme