It’s been a while since I started changing my shopping habits and shopping more sustainably and I absolutely love it. I love having clothes that last and learning how to properly take care of them, and let’s not forget that it has also helped me get closer to finding my own style. All of these are still reasons why I believe in and praise sustainable fashion - but! Yes, unfortunately there’s a “but”. I’ve started to find that the majority of sustainable clothing brands almost always focus solely on basics, and as much as I appreciate a good plain white Tshirt I found myself craving more daring pieces. My inner Serena van der Woodsen, Alexa Chung, and (last but not least!) Leandra Medine felt neglected in a way that fair fashion brands and second-hand styles couldn’t seem to satisfy.  So, with my student budget in mind, I was left with fast fashion. Which got me thinking - fast fashion can’t be all bad. After all, many of my all-time faves are fast fashion pieces. So what was I, the self-appointed sustainable-fashion-enthusiast, supposed to do?

Here’s what I’ve come up with on how to incorporate fast fashion into your wardrobe and still be a Sustainable Fashionista:

Only buy fast fashion when you really can’t find another alternative, and then make sure your feelings for that piece are real and there to last. Also, check if it fits into your life, meaning check if you have stuff to pair with it in your closet already.

Then step 2 comes naturally- wear your clothes often and give them the attention and love they deserve.
Of course you want this intense romance to last, so make sure you know how to treat your beloved properly. Know at what temperature to wash them, if you can put them in the dryer, etc. You know what I mean.

Lastly, should your relationship ever come to an end ensure the piece’s life doesn’t end there. Sell them, donate them, or bring them to a recycling spot (almost every H&M has one nowadays).

If we keep all of this in mind nothing should stop us from being the sustainable It-girls we all secretly aspire to be!

xx Shari 

Published by Shari Seeger