A sharp double edged sword, sharper than the sharpest of great warriors’ swords. Horned by the greatest honers In the world. Its sheath is the skin of a dangerous python that had preyed many creatures In the forest. Through this sword many battles have been won, many lives have crossed the streams to the world beyond; many have been killed and souls bereaved, great forest have been set on fire by a small spark, it has corrupted the heart of men, cities have been built, and wars have been won. Oh! who can stop the works of a Sword in the hand of a corrupted soul. Who? It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison in his hands. I pity Its victims. If you love your life, if you love to see good days, if you love to eat the good of the land and make positive impacts In your life time. Keep this sword and it’s sheath from evil, it has power. Avoid the wars caused by deceitful fools. This sword is sharp, it’s penetrates into the dividing souls and spirit of men, the joint and marrows of men have been destroyed by it. It can make or Mar a life. Use it wisely. Through it nations can be built, lives can be made, peace can be found and abundance can abound the more. Use it well! use it well!!. Use your words well and speak life.

Published by Bamigbola Silas