OK. Let’s make it straight to the point that last night I had the sweetest dream ever in my life. In my dream, I jumped into the best part of the relationship: He took me out for the shopping! Woohoo. So pitiful that was just a dream.

However, another most interesting part was that after shopping for a while, while carrying all my shopping bags, he asked us to stay for a short break, and he offered me to sit opposite to him instead of sitting on the same row like everyone would do, so that we can talk. He’s such a gentleman, from his appearance, his voice, his gesture to his conversation. I can still feel his warmth overwhelming me LOL. I know that sounds silly to tell a dream that was already passed for almost 12 hours and I feel that was even more emotional than a teenage girl.

However, in fact, there is something more important I’d like to tell… I didn’t know this kind of expectation has been rooting in my sub-conscience this far that my dreamed finally spilled it out perfectly and beautifully this way. The talk.  He asked me to talk, to share, and that where the connection between the two souls started to establish. He wanted to listen to me; he offered to know me; he’d like to touch my soul; he wished to feel me, feel what I actually thought. He was really honest of his desire to share, whatever between us. Another plus point is that his voice and body language were so so gentle. What on earth could a girl ask for more? I don’t know what else people would ask for more, I only know that’s too much for me. The rest of my life I am gonna live just for that. That kind of connection and understanding between the two different people who share their souls.

So bad that the most beautiful dream ended too fast, so now I need to be back to the reality and live it to the fullest, while hoping that one day, my dream-man would come. However, be cautious, this heart is very sensitive to the cheating and un-honest ones, so man, don’t try to hard.


Truc Vien

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