Meggie has suffered so much.

For her, school was evil and her classmates a higher degree of evil. Everyday, her classmates tortured Meggie, subjected her to name-calling and weaving gossip, endlessly ostracizing her, reducing her to refuse, forcing her to socialize but leaving her out of all social contexs. Everyday, it was the scene for her; everyday she endured this, and she only looked eagerly to be dismissed at 2:45 pm; every early dismissal or suspension of classes was a blessing for her, and at lunch she spent those locked in one of the lavatory cubicles, where she secretly sneaks in student meals to eat in rigid silence.

But today was an exception. With the same sad countenance her face had worn since Day 1, she was positive that that things can turn out for the better. Yesterday, she watched Reversal of Fortune, a film based on a novel by an author whose name she has now forgotten. "The tables will always turn," she thought. Satisfied with direction of her thoughts, she decided to eat at the cafeteria like a normal person. Actually, she's been lunching by herself for the past week at the main cafeteria, she's surprised she didn't become emotional all that time!

Meggie slowly pecks at her food, nibbling like a rat. She was happy and positive today, a rare occurrence nowadays and so she cherished it. She let the feeling overtake her until it's all she could, pulsating between heartbeats and breathing, a steady rush of blood to the brain.

So when Miss Suzane Grey, her obnoxious homeroom English teacher appears to have fallen and right across her at the table, Meggie is slumped. She was civil to her, exchanged polite conversation with her, but really, Meggie hated Suzane.

Suzane chewed on her burger patty topped with lettuce. Meggie hated her. Miss Grey was just so perfect and beautiful! And she, Margaret Wilson, scarred and pockmarked with time.

Miss Suzane Grey talked animatedly and without pause; she didn't seem to notice Meggie was disinterested.

Miss Grey talked of growing up in a farm milking cows and taking care of chickens; how she loves gardening and has a vegetable patch garden where the family gets their main source of fiber; how when she was old enough she had to polish her thick country drawl into an upper class sound if she wanted to teach English; how she moved to Alabama to New York to go to college with her entire college savings inside a tip jar.

Do you know what happened next, Margaret?" Miss Suzane Grey asked. Meggie watched as Miss Grey's face pale witnext, Margaret?" Miss Suzane Grey asked. Meggie watched as Miss Grey's face become pale with sadness and be agitated with grief.

The teacher's next words made Meggie's face pale next. 

"I want to make everyone feel at home where they are loved and taken care of. Cos I know exactly how it feels to be unwanted  and unloved."


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo