It was the start of a new academic year and college was the same, boring, where there was no inspiration to wake up each morning and go. Until the 4th day, when one of the prettiest girls I had seen here walked into class. All my inspiration for classes and college came to life. She was 5’7”, she had a whitish complexion, dark brown hair and black eyes. Not to forget, the prettiest smile I had seen on a girl. It came to her naturally. Her smile was enough to make anyone’s world turn upside down. 
Initially I was scared to go and talk to her, because she was the prettiest in the class and every guy had a crush on her and you could see a group of guys around her every time, trying to talk to her or trying to steal a look of her. Though, she always looked at me and gave me that smile of hers which would make me weak 11 out of 10 times. 
It was the second month into the session and we were in the library studying for our upcoming tests when she approached me to clear a doubt she had in physics. She was really good in studies and I was the kind who understood stuff but never got the marks. That was the first time I spoke to her and hoped it wouldn’t be the last. And it actually turned out not to be the last. We used to talk a lot and sit together during lectures and used to discuss a lot of doubts. She was a lot like me and I was falling for her, slowly but steadily. I could see her inclination towards me as well. We used to spend a lot of time with each other. She used to stay just a few blocks away from mine. Neither of us confessed our feelings though. 
Things started to change between the two of us when another guy came in between us and stole her from me. Arushma and I barely used to talk now. She used to spend more time with Max. All her days used to get over with him laughing and smiling and going for lunches. People started making all sorts of stories about the two of them. I didn’t like it, I knew the truth to it and even had a few fights with a few people because of that. 
She used to still look at me every now and then and used to smile, I didn't know how genuine they were though. Her smile was my weak spot. It used to give me the chills and I used to smile back as well. No matter how angry I used to be, she just used to smile at me, and that’s it. I used to forget everything until Max used to come back and she used to again talk to him the whole time. That one thing used to break me apart really bad on the inside.
It was farewell in college for our seniors. Arushma had come there in a black skirt, white half sleeve top, red lipstick which was the most prominent part of her makeup and her hair open the way I like it. She was looking like a walking dream. Her lips were so inviting and I wanted to kiss them. She walked up to me, hugged me and told me a hello. I was wearing a tux and had my beard well shaped. I replied to her with a hello. Max was no where to be seen, maybe that was the reason she walked up to me and was there with me. We sneaked out of the hall and were walking the corridors of the college which was dimly lit. Her hand in mine reminding me of old times. I stopped her and looked into her eyes, pulled her by her hip and narrowed the gap between our bodies. I removed my hands from the hip and moved them to her neck. I pulled her face closer to mine and placed a kiss on her lips. She moved back instantly and said,
“What are you doing Roy?” I could see the anger in her eyes.
“I thought you had no objection with it. Why are you here with me? Where is Max?”
“Max can’t make it today. Moreover I am dating him. How dare you kiss me?”
With that statement of hers all my hopes broke and so did my heart. Maybe that is the thing about us humans. We get so carried away with our emotions for someone and don’t realise that the outcome could be really painful to us. We need to be more careful of how people act towards us and analyse whether we mean the same thing to the other person as much as they mean to us. 

Published by Vidyut Bhasin