Sometimes when you travel you have to get used to certain things, like random prolonged power outages, murky heat, and occasionally being so totally uncomfortable there’s no way you could actually ever sleep. I have experienced some pretty terrible travel adventures. Spend the night in Accra, Ghana being eaten alive by what I’m pretty sure was a mixture of bed bugs and mosquitoes while their tiny little bodies swam in my sweat. I’ve spent the night at an airport, slept by a power outlet, and chugged coffee the next morning. Been crammed in a bus, shouted at by tourists, and nearly mowed over by a few moving vehicles. I’d like to say I’m pretty good at being adaptable, that things don’t usually bother me that much, but there are a few things I think I will never be able to get used to while traveling. Number one. Only the States seem to have the pumpkin spice season. As much as I love coffee from other countries, there’s something about pumpkin spice coffee or lattes that I just can’t get over. Coffee else where is absolutely delicious, but I think the inner basic white girl in me just loves pumpkin spice too much to let it go. Coffee is great here in Vietnam, but sometimes I find myself wishing for some french vanilla creamer, maybe a little iced coffee with a shot of hazelnut flavouring. Number two. The smell of airplanes. When I was little the smell of planes would send me into a complete panic mode. I think I often made myself sick thinking about flying and the smell of flying. Even now there’s just something so terrible about the way an airplane smells. I’ve gotten a bit more used to it over the years, although I swear I smell the same smell outside planes and it makes me die a little inside. Number three. Home cooked meals. I’m not saying that I ever cooked a whole lot, but there is really nothing like a home cooked meal. Especially meals that you can’t really get anywhere else. Some nice comfort food really makes it all feel cozy and warm inside. Even if that food is just cereal and milk, or nice fluffy pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Number four. Missing my friends at home. Everywhere I go I always end up wishing I could share my adventures with friends from home. If I could bring all my friends with me at all times that would be perfect. There are moments where I think oh my friend would love this, or how cool would it be to experience this together. Sometime along I’ll have to convince them all to come visit me! I’m sure I could think of a few other things I might not ever get used to while traveling, but this seems to sum it up. I’ll probably never get used to the excitement of travel either, but that’s one thing I’m happy to never get used to!

Published by Leah Thomas Travelling coffee addict