These are just a few of the several things members like me learn in IMG.


Here in IMG we were ask about our BIG WHY?

The first thing we did was to define our investment direction. And by direction, my true compass tells me I must define my purpose for investing

My purpose is to save for my FAMILY. I want to save and invest for our future. I love to invest for my parents’ retirement, for an emergency fund, and for a happy, debt free and peaceful life for my parents, siblings and my own future family. How about you?

We learned what we are getting into by having somebody coach us or direct us, and then we ourselves studied and learn so we can direct ourselves and become our own fund manager. I still have a long way to go but with the help and guidance of our IMG mentors, I am sure that I am on the correct path.


As the saying goes, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”, we were also taught to diversify our investments.

As members, we always make sure that we have proper allocations for each of the important financial goals with appropriate financial instruments.

We know how to protect and diversify our investments. We also have a passive way of investing through Mutual Funds.

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To be successful, one must do it consistently. One has to have the right mindset and an attitude of a disciplined investor.

We need to know how to differentiate our wants from our needs and to fight temptations that will drive us away from our goals.

Even the average person can be truly rich if he acquired the right mindset and if he is disciplined and motivated to achieve his financial goals.

To make it more significant and enforced, we went on a mission to share what we learn and share what we do. We have our goal to help 1 million Filipino families to be financially educated by the year 2020.

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Published by Rea Lakwatsera