When the lost men were found. 

In a country valley long ago there were three men traveling at the request of a great king. Their journey was not to be brought to not. Each of the three men traveled to their far-off destination longing to reach the location in which they had been sent. However, one day, the three men awoke to something new, different, and unusual. 

With eyes wide open from their peaceful sleep the three men smelled a foul smell of death. With alarm, they jolted up from their places of rest and began to search the area of their encampment for the source the foul odor. Nothing. They found nothing attributed to this great and horrible smell not even amongst themselves.

Then suddenly, in midst of their puzzlement, a loud noise erupted like the sound of crashing thunder. The men jolted from their various locations around the camp and nestled both their hands against their ears in a desperate attempt to drown out the sound that worked to no avail. The noise was so deafening the men ears began to ring in retreat. The three men in succession dropped to their knees holding their hands to their ears in agony to the thundering sound. 

At that very moment while shaking on their knees the three men felt as though their bodies were on fire. Their skin began to boil as if under a hot scorching sun. With eagerness, the men began to quickly strip themselves of their clothes as the heat intensified on their bodies. Naked now the three men stood with bewilderment on what was happening to them. They instantaneously embraced themselves hugging their bodies with their own arms as their hands felt the heat against their skin. 

Sweat dripped steadily from their faces and bodies as they stood in shock. The three men in fear released streams of tears down their face.They glared at one another in silence. As the tears and sweat reached their lips and onto their open mouths and tongues they could do nothing but spit in disgust. What reached their mouths was the worst of all afflictions it seemed as the taste was nauseating and seemed to be contaminated with what only could be compared to a tainted foul oil of some sort. The three men remained spitting over and over again onto the ground. The three men dropped back to their knees again trying to rid themselves of the awful taste that had evaded their mouths. 

As the men kneeled spitting a great light appeared that knocked the three men back. They desperately tried to cover their eyes to this massive illumination by using their arms to cover their eyes. Now blind from the light the men cried out in agony over their consecutive afflictions. 

As the light beamed a figure emerged, a beautiful woman that seemed to be an equally configured attractive male companion. As they walked closer to three men the beaming light subsided. The women spoke then to the shaking men naked exposed and fearful.

"Don't be afraid my friends we have not come to hurt you, but to help you." the woman said with a gentle still voice. 

"Friends? Have you caused these wretched afflictions on us?" With peeking curiosity one of the three men replied.

"No, but you have and it ends now if you want it too." the man responded in turn.

"How have we caused these horrid experiences?" another of the three-man questioned angrily.

"By your willingness to perceive it to be so." The women laughed.

"This isn't funny! In fact, it is a very cruel trick because we have direct, orders, from the king to reach our destination so if you kindly leave us we must continue with our task! ..." Shouted another of the three men.

"Your king? The one that oppresses you? That wants you dead? The King that is leading you to the ends of the earth to meet your doom?" The man questioned back.

"Listen, we've come to share with you hidden truths that will set you free from this horrid torment. "

"The time has come for you to remember your place in this world. You're divine princes fashioned in your own way for greatness! " The man thundered in with passion. "You are us and we are you."

The three men looked at each other with perplexed looks. At that moment they stood up in confidence. 

One of the three men came forward and asked, "If you are us and we are you then what does that makes us all?"

The women responded with a smile, "That makes us the, I AM."  

"Now, feel your way to health and think it to be so and it will be so if you only believe." The man said with stern urgency.

Suddenly, the three men awoke from their sleep their eyes wide in shock. Their camp still the same as when they took their sleep the night before. They began to converse telling each other of the same dream. In amazement, they stood and with collective response gathered their things. 

One of the three men asked, "What shall we do now?"

"Plot a new course for ourselves." Another responded. 

With glee, the men happily departed from their way. They began their Journey together towards a path they desired helping each other along the way with love, harmony, and peace as their guide. 

The three men happily retreated from the king's instruction and walked under the sun to where their heart and mind led them. They lived out their days as Kings of their own lives and unto their own world. ©



Published by Naomi S. Gobern